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oDesk cost split for accounting purposes

One of my client has 30 contractors and monthly cost is usually $7,000+ /month. These guys do various jobs for him such as telemarketing, IT tech support, accounting.

Currently I use monthly report with Excel to summarize totals for each type of work for cost accounting purposes.

Does anybody has tip to get oDesk costs divided / splitt by team or function as default so I save time in manually doing this task?


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I believe you can quite easily automate your manual calculation and report format, with google script api (sort of Javascript style).
I actually recently tried it for myself and started liking it. Its quite powerful over spreadsheet data and you can do any sort of customization in it. All you need to do is place your data in google spreadsheet on google docs and start experimenting script form there.


Can you please sure more

Can you please sure more details? I am good in using spreadsheets but not in scripts (VB and Java included).


Ah, Had no idea that you aint programmer

Oops, I should have asked if you know programming or not before throwing in my idea of help. Yet, again you should be able to find someone very easily working in it. AFAIK, normally rate for these languages is pretty low and there is a lot of competition, so there is a fair chance that if final format is not very much complex, that needed to be programed, you may get the job done in few dollars.