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not getting any response from odesk

why i m not getting any response from odesk from last 10 days

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Yep. Your pretty much violating everything.

You had to know that when you had to draw straws to see who would take the tests (clearly the decision was not based on the most qualified among you).

If you won't read and follow the information they make so readily available to you, I'm not sure why you should feel so entitled to a response from them. After all, they would have to read your query before they could reply.

I honestly doubt that is their reasoning, although they may be sending your query all over to the different teams who will need to review and act on your violations. That is possibly what is holding up the response, I'm guessing.


You really need to read the Terms of Service. You are pretty much violating everything.

And adding a personal name....

And adding a personal name to your bogus account will not help you in the least.