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Charges of Wire transfer to pakistan

i want to know about the charges for wire transfer

from odesk i know that it charge $4.99 per transaction of wire transfer to pakistan in pk rupees. i from bank also know that if odesk directly deposit in our bank like in Habib Bank Limited of Pakistan then there will be more charge from our bank

if Odesk deposit rupees in our bank using other intermediate bank then that bank will charge more charges

here my question is Does odesk deposit money in Pakistani bank or send money by using other bank?

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Broken Direct Wire


The "Direct Wire To Bank" thing is not working for a couple of months now. There's a dispute between banks that move the money around. So, at least for now you can't transfer the money directly to your Pakistani bank account, be it Bank Al Habib or UBL or any other.

If you're thinking that all banks involved in the transactions will chop a slice of your money off while its in transit, I believe that's not the case. But that's only when direct wires are working Smile

I've used bank transfer several times, and I believe it's better than Payoneer. Because the currency rates we get in case of Payoneer can be seriously disappointing.

Extra charges occur when your

Extra charges occur when your bank has an intermediary involved. If you have an account in a multinational bank or one directly on the SWIFT network, you only pay the $4.99, nothing extra.

Local current wires aren't working these days, but oDesk has discounted the USD wire transfer to $4.99 so that users can easily withdraw their funds in the meantime. Set up that withdrawal method, pretty much like you had set up your LFT method, and then withdraw.

There are quite a few threads on the forum regarding how to do it, which banks offer what rates and everything else you need to know.

And yes, you can use your PKR account to receive USD withdrawals, in fact they are much quicker than the LFT ones, and funds hit your bank within 24-72 hours.

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I think LFT is back


I totally agree with you on your other post regarding meetup. This way we get a chance to discuss and address the issues we might be facing non-virtually.

2nd, regarding this post of yours per my knowledge oDesk's LFT to Pakistan is back but never used it since it take weeks for payment to reach me tell me the current situation (anyone used it in October?), My best hit is oDesk to Moneybookers and then Moneybookers to my HBL. Bank Al-Habib has direct swift code but they have intermediary bank involved $30 will be chopped, but since MB is very very fine and compatible with Mr. Bean's HBL I suggest to stick with this pair.

One more thing in past per you, you used MB with SCB I suggest try and change bank in MB but this result to a higher withdrawal fee because you are adding a secondary bank account in MB so they will charge you 4.something on withdrawal to secondary account which should be Mr. Bean's HBL but payment will reach you within 24hours (should be next business day).

If you want to share your past and current withdrawal experience with me that would be so helpful. Smile


NO! LFT isn't back yet.

Nayab Naseer wrote:
2nd, regarding this post of yours per my knowledge oDesk's LFT to Pakistan is back

NO! LFT isn't back yet. I confirmed this from oDesk Live Support and they still don't have any idea when this could be resolved. So friends in my opinion forget LFT for now and keep using USD wire transfer. Smile

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Nayab, firstly MB is

Nayab, firstly MB is unreliable in termof unannounced charges and policy change. They suddenly decide one person is a merchant user while the other with the same story isn't. So I left MB on principle as they failed in implementing the policy to all their users.

Secondly if you are paying $30 per withdrawal to HBL, then the best, safest and quickest option is USD wire directly sent to you by oDesk's own bank. They used to charge $30 per withdrawal, flat rate and if you go for SCB or any other bank directly connected to the SWIFT network, you have no more charges to pay or third parties to worry about.

LFT isn't back as yet, and till it get fixed, oDesk is offering the above mentioned USD wire for Pakistani users at $4.99 only. So that is a great option.

So even after LFT is restored and the USD wire goes back to $30 per withdrawal, you are better off with that than MB. Get an account in SCB, go for USD wires if you are going to pay $30 in intermediary fees. Funds hit the bank within 24hrs, and the rate is determined by your bank. You also hep your economy by bringing in foreign exchange!

See you on the other thread on the Meet up thing!

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Can you please guide what should be in remittance info column when sending money to direct transfer in Pakistan Bank SC.

Also how many days it will take approx, as i send on 14th and Odesk sent me mail on 17th that it will reflect today but still as of today 24 it didn't came in my bank yet.

Can we also send dollar payment to our PKR account and how much it charge for that?

Thanks in Advance.


You mean Standard Chartered?

You mean Standard Chartered? I use the same bank and you can leave the Remittance Info filed blank. The USD Wire Transfer costs $30, and reaches the bank account within 24-48 hours. You can use your PKR account for it, then once the dollars reach your bank, they will be automatically converted to PKR using that day's interbank rates.

Local currency wire should reach you in the time provided by the email. Kindly contact your bank to check for the details. Also check your transactions to see if the funds have been reversed due to any reason. Support can initiate a trace after 10 days, just in case if it gets delayed further.

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Yes Standard chartered, and i

Yes Standard chartered, and i went for PKR transfer which cost 4.9$ fee.

But its 24 it didn't reach in bank. Branch representative also confirmed me that they didn't receive any amount from Odesk bank.

Also suggest. Should i go for USD transfer to my bank which costs 30$ and this process is bit fast as you are sayin.

The PKR transfer is too slow or even not working at all.

Please advice.


Bilal please do check your

Bilal please do check your transactions page to see if the funds got reversed back to your account for any reason. If it doesn't show up there, then Support can initiate a trace once 10 working days have passed (please do count in weekends and the Christmas holiday).

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No its not reflected back yet

No its not reflected back yet neither transferred to SC.

Infact Odesk sent me this message on 17th and i withdraw on 14th

Your withdrawal has been processed
oDesk Notification

Dec 17 (8 days ago)

to me

Dear Bilal,

We have processed your withdrawal request submitted on 14-Dec-2012.

Amount withdrawn: $695.01 USD
Amount you should receive: 65845.85 PKR (*)
Bank account: STANDARD CHARTERED BANK (PAKISTAN) account ending in 9501
Exchange rate on 12-14-2012 17:09 UTC: 94.7409 PKR/USD
Expected date of delivery: 17-Dec-2012
oDesk Ref ID: 21632259

(*) This amount does not include any fees your bank may deduct.

Your funds will be delivered to your bank on the date specified above. Please ask your bank how long it will take your funds to clear; they may be available instantly or require a security hold of several days.

If you did not initiate this transfer, please contact us immediately.

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One more thing, if you please tell, i added swift code SCBLPKKX in my account. But SC representative told me to add SCBLPKKXXXX, when i added it odesk auto took with single X and take the Chundrigar Road branch karachi.So is my account added coorectly?

Also what is best way of transfer

1.Wire Transfer( in PKR fees 4.$ )
2.Wire Tranfer ( in USD fee 30$ if we can do do that if we have PKR account not dollar account )
3.MB ( as i send amount through it on same day 14 and it reflected on 18 )

Please advice. Thanks

Hang in there Bilal. I use

Hang in there Bilal.

I use SCB myself, and the SCBPKKX swift code is working fine for me. As a standard it takes the Karachi branch, it should work fine that way as well, but when you add USD wire transfer, you can change the branch address to your own (I did that).

For LCW the form will ask for your branch details, check with their Customer Support, ask for the person who deals with foreign remittance. Ask them as to what you should put in the branch name field. The address should also be exactly as what they state officially.

Yes, you can use a PKR account to withdraw in US dollars. once the dollars reach your account, the bank will automatically convert the funds to PKR depending on the rate.

MB works for some people but not for others, there have been incidents where the account gets charged with merchant fee.

It's all about your preference as well as your average withdrawal amount. LCW is a great option with nominal fee, and once your account details are sorted out you can withdraw small or large amounts using this method.

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Hi, As you are sayin, "but


As you are sayin, "but when you add USD wire transfer, you can change the branch address to your own (I did that)."

How to add USD wire transfer account as the account of SCB which i already have it shows currency of PKR?

Also what should be filled in Remittance box?

Thank You

That's simple, if you have

That's simple, if you have already added it for Local currency wire transfers (PKR) you need to click "Edit" next to the withdrawal method. There you'll see a blue link beneath your details that says something like: Wait, my account is set to receive US dollars. Once you click that, your LFT method gets transformed into USD wire. If you need to change back to PKR, again edit the withdrawal method, this time the blue link will something like: Wait! My bank account is not in US Dollars. Clicking it will revert the payment method back to LFT PKR. To confirm that the change has taken place double check the fee showing up with the withdrawal method. $4.99 means LFT (PKR), while $30 means USD Wire.

And you can leave the Remittance Info box empty.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ayesha, My funds credited

Hi Ayesha,

My funds credited back to my Odesk account and its second time in a row.I am unable to find the reason behind it and neither Odesk support is telling me, they just saying that contact your bank and ask. How can i ask my bank SC in this case, because i dont have any proof or swift message. I think SC will not entertain me.
So still now ,no luck.

One more thing Odesk support told me that your name on Odesk account is not matching with your bank account name. But i think this is not the case.Because i sent my first payment successfully.

Now i just remove the swift code and just reenter it, it auto picks up this information

Bank Information
Bank SWIFT Code
Not your bank or branch?
Account Currency
US Dollar (USD)
Wait! My bank account is not in U.S. Dollars
Withdrawal Fee
$30 USD per withdrawal

My branch is in ISD. Should i go for another try using USD wire transfer with these above account settings?

Or leave it and go for MB as last hope.


Bilal, as I said before, USD

Bilal, as I said before, USD wires work fine for me. I changed the branch address to my own. Call up your branch, ask them to provide you with accurate branch address (use the exact same spellings that they provide). USD wire should work with SCB, seems to do so for me and a lot of others here on the forums. But also confirm if your account number is in the correct format and if the title has the exact spellings as on your oDesk profile. The bank people will be better able to guide you on this. Get them to write down the address etc for you to avoid any confusion or spelling errors.

Is your branch in F-7? Ask for Omar there, he deals with priority banking and is very helpful.

Sort out the details before you go for another transfer.

You said it worked once? was it a USD wire?

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I was not sure what transfer

I was not sure what transfer i did.

Can you please tell how can i check it was USD transfer or LFT?

Also they told me same brach address which i already put. But now also i changed my name on Odesk to same as SC. May be it will resolve the issue.


Check your transactions, the

Check your transactions, the fee should indicate the type of transfer you did. $4.99 means PKR wire transfer, $30 means USD wire.

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LFT to SCB will not work for sure. Go for USD transfer to SCB and it should work for you. The information in your post will work fine. It doesn't make any difference if you change the branch address or use the headoffice branch address. I didn't change the branch address and it worked fine without any problem.

You need to enter the account number with branch code, you can get the branch code from SCB helpline. Do check your name on odesk and your SCB account, that should match. once everything is done, go for USD withdrawal and it should work fine.

Hi Ahsun, How can i enter

Hi Ahsun,

How can i enter branch code in Odesk bank account settings. There is not tab for Branch code?

Also i changed my Odesk name like of SC.

Please let me know. Thanks


There is no tab for Branch code!!!

Bilal, definitely there is no Tab for Branch Code in Bank Account Settings. You have to attach it with the account number. Just like, if your account no. is "abcdefgh..." and your branch code is "1234", then you have to put "1234abcdefgh..." in the account no. tab.

My Experience:
When I used LFT few times till last 2-3 months ago, I got my funds at my bank in usually 5 days.
Then oDesk notified that they are working with Pakistani Banks for some updates and blocked LFT. I then used USD wire and got my funds within 24 hours.
When oDesk restored LFT again for Pakistani Contractors, I setup my PKR account again and but this time, I attached Branch Code with my account no. and withdrew funds. Amazingly, when I withdrew my funds 2 times 2 weeks ago, I got them within a day both times!
I am not sure if its due to the New Updates or Settlements that oDesk has done with Pakistani Banks, Or its due to attaching the Branch Code with account no., but I can say it worked for me...!

SCB works for USD wire transfers

There is no problem about swift code, the X at the end removes and it shows karachi branch address. SCB uses single swift code for all branches, and it will work fine even if you don't change it to your bank branch address.

odesk sends USD wire to SCB, and you have requested LFT to SCB and it may have caused problems for your payment. I think you may have to request payment trace to odesk support once 10 business days have been passed. And may be, payment will be reversed to your odesk account and next time if you withdraw to SCB, withdraw USD wire.

Hi Ahsun, As per your

Hi Ahsun,

As per your comment, How can i withdraw USD wire ?

Please guide, also i need it urgent, first i have to wait for 10 days as its not coming to my account and not reflecting back to odesk, don't know where it gone.

But after 10 days how many days it will take to reach back odesk account?
Also whats the fastest way to transfer and how much time that would take.

Thank You.


To withdraw USD wire, follow the as ayesha wrote in her comment, you need to edit your bank to receive USD wire payments.

No one knows how much time it will take to get the amount back in your odesk account but once you have get it back, you can withdraw USD wire to your SCB account and it will reach your account within 24-48 hours.

Yes i have set up my account

Yes i have set up my account for USD wire transfer.

SO is means that we cannot send LFT to SCB, because its 8th working todays and still no luck.

Also which mehtod is fast for transfer:

1.USD wire transfer to SCB


Best Solution of Wire Transfer to Pakistan


Guys, I've actually tried many ways; wasted plenty in the process.

The best solution is as follows:

1. oDesk to Moneybookers ($1)
2. Moneybookers to A.B.L ($2.33(check MB for accuracy))

Before making the transactions, you must provide all necessary details to Moneybookers for security purposes. When you've done that, write a support ticket for confirmation.
When they give you a go signal, that's when you'd withdraw from oDesk to Moneybookers.

Why A.B.L ?

I tried HBL, SCB, UBL; all charge you either 3% foreign currency charges or give you a pathetic dollar to rupee conversion rate.

A.B.L doesn't charge anything and gives best rate possible; e.g. If USD -> PKR is 95.55; all banks give 92-93PKR; ABL would give 95.0PKR.

This only reason would be enough for you to get your account in ABL; Good Luck Guys !

Hi Haroon, Thanks for your

Hi Haroon,

Thanks for your comments.

Can we also sent to KASBBANK and how its performance regarding to rate conversion?



yes, you now have to wait for money to return to your odesk wallet. You can request payment trace after 10 working days.

USD wire transfer to SCB takes 24-48 hours, you can search the forum about MB transfer time, or wait for someone else to reply you about that.

Hi Ahsun, How much max we can

Hi Ahsun,

How much max we can send using USD wire transfer without any problem?


not sure

I'm not sure about that but I guess we can withdraw the maximum amount limit set by odesk to withdraw (I don't know if there is any limit for maximum amount to withdraw)

LFT to Pk

Dear Ayesha


This is Kamran from Isb. There was some issue with LFT to Pk in the past.Is it resolved now and is the cost still $ 5.


Kamran Vardag