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Does anyone agree with .......................

.............lately Odesk seems like a place where a lot of clients feel this
is the place for many demands, free work,ie: by requesting proofs and they will
"select" who they will pay..........(laughably 5 dollars or less!)

Perfect grammar and english when they have a very small concept of the language.

Yes,,,,Odesk will soon be in my past. It has a strong flavor of unprofessionalism
and keeps getting worse.

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Before joining ODESK I used to wrok as a freelancer in my city, and it was just like you said about odesk. Good and bad clients are here on odesk like my city or yours. Now it is up to the us whether we opt to work with suspected clients or not. Those asking for free work can be avoided, those asking for proof even for project worth 10 cents should be provided(I think).
Like I left working in my city and came over here. You will leave when you will be fed up or will get any other place like this.

Real simple solution. don't

Real simple solution.

don't pay any attention to the ones you think are beneath you.

Kind of Disagree

I'm suspecting that client expectations of contractors are not very high and that clients are almost willing to accept a trade off between contractor fee/turn around time and the quality of the product they receive.

But in the end, it's about supply and demand. As long as there is a contractor willing to be a door mat, there will be a client willing to step on him.


You've nailed it.

The internet and the global market have created a world of "newbie" clients who don't know the difference between quality and their own expectations (and may not care), and "newbie" contractors who, even though some may indeed be qualified, don't have the wherewithal to know their own value.