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Email change for skrill

Hi Guys at odesk.

We recently received a message which says something like this:

- oDesk is going to discard the use of emails for use in Skrill baed money transactions.

- If enforced all the users who are using emails for skrill will have to make new Skrill accounts (which are using any email other than

Problems for contractors:
- Skrill does not let you change you primary email address
- Skrill is a service which needs lots of trust. And all the trust we have with skrill while using will be lost.

Please. It is such a loss for us guys. We will have to make new Skrill accounts, validate them and then loose track of all previous transactions.



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Well if the email address is

Well if the email address is going to be withdraw next month, you have to do it.

Please contact Skrill customer support

Hi Shakir,

We have confirmed with Skrill that you can change and add email addresses. Please contact Skrill support and they can help you with this.