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Tests broken

I'm getting a "Could not connect to remote server" error for

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What browser?

I was so frustrated this morning. Nothing oDesk would work on Chrome, with or without Netflix streaming. 1 or 20 pages open, it didn't matter.

Switched to Firefox; its all good.

Closed out Chrome and tried again, it is working now, but sluggishly and oddly.

BTW, I cleaned everything in Chrome yesterday.

Opera. Restarted the browser

Opera. Restarted the browser and everything.

Darren, as far as I know,

Darren, as far as I know, Opera is not one of the officially supported browsers for oDesk. Did you try Firefox or something else?

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Well, Opera is pretty tight

Well, Opera is pretty tight on standards and -more to the point- it has always worked up until now.

Aha! It's back. I think was having a bad server day.