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Request to unhide comments


I have a couple of contractors that look fairly promising that I wish to hire. However the both have hidden comments. To me hidden comments are the kiss of death for getting work because I dont know what they hid, even THIS GUY STINKS AT HIS JOB is something I can evaluate based on other reviews they have gotten and can take my shot, but if the hidden comment was THIS GUY COPIES MY SITE AND TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF IT, that is far worse.

Anyway I guess my question is can I request the contractor to un-hide their comments, and is this something odesk even allows?


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You can ask

If you like the rest of the persons profile and their performance during the interview, you can ask them to see it, if you just want to see it without the real intention of giving them a chance, then it isnt fair.

there is no rule that stops you from asking about bad feedback, but honestly, if they have a high percentage of bad feedback, you should consider it a warning, but if they have 2 or 3 out of a hundred, then thats pretty normal.

Ask to see it

Ask to see it if you are interested in hiring them. 2 or 3 bad feedbacks is not the norm, if by bad you mean a 1 or 2 stars. I would shrink away from anyone who has more than one low (1 or 2 stars) feedback and frankly I pretty much would not hire anyone who has a 1 or 2 star feedback, period.
You can search for and invite contractors to post on your job, you are not just stuck with whoever applies for it.

Same thing

The same thing can be asked from the provider side, because I see a lot of Clients with hidden comments. What are we suppose to think about that client if over 50% of his feedback is hidden or absent?

Or even better Clients with hidden profiles.

The coin has to faces.