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Project Deployment

Hello... This is my first project at oDesk. My question is about code deployment. How do you guys do it? Do you share server details with the contractor? That seems like a risk.

Any other options?


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Couple of ways of approaching

Couple of ways of approaching things:

1) You can (if it's a standalone app, and sometimes even if it isn't) get the code done on a test server and then install it yourself (this requires extra work and documentation on the part of the developer, so expect to pay for that)

2) Backup (so you have a restore point if things go wrong); give the developer the minimal access required for the job; then delete accounts/change the passwords when the job is finished.

As far as a contractor doing

As far as a contractor doing the development on his own site, depends on size and the type of changes for the target site.

If you allow him access to your site, back it up, both the code and the DB.
Find a contractor with lots of history/feedback for working at site level.

Lot of posts here where clients have allowed access, the changes made and
site tested then cients shuts down access to the contractor and does not pay him.
Expect to pay an upfront fee for those worthy of making changes correctly.

If you are doing hourly, keep track of the pages that are in the tracker history.

Skype interview with propective contractor. Voice a must IMHO.
Watch for the words he uses that are related to web site development.

if he is typing or even vocal. I use abrevations when I am talking with
client, this mainly to know that the client can speak the same 'language'.

If you have not told him much about your site, he may ask if it is a CMS.
If you response is 'yes', he should ask which one, or ask if it is a WP site.

Thinks like that give you a clue as to his knowledge of what is out here and
what he may have worked with.