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Automatic Payments

By allowing automatic payments, not specifically approved by the client, opens the way to fraud - which is what happened to me. This is like a service that automatically renews if you do nothing. Not acceptable. It may benefit the dishonest worker and, indirectly Odesk, but it is clearly and anti-client policy. I have use elance and freelancer extensively and will have to think long and hard before using odesk again.

Hamid Kaber

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As far as I know, there are

As far as I know, there are no automatic payments on oDesk.
If you mean hourly projects, you get your contractors' work sheets of the previous week for review on Mondays and you have 4 days to check them. (To receive those time sheets, your contractors must have logged their time via the tracker, obviously. And, they can do so only if you allow them and don't cap their weekly limit.)
You should take the time to review the time sheets and if any issues occur, you can dispute during the 4 days.
Contractors with decent rate will usually bill you only when real work was done. Low bidders are not so cheap in the long run because they more likely will milk you. Just my thought.

Hi Hamid, can you please

Hi Hamid, can you please explain what happened? Was it an hourly contract where a contractor billed you hours without prior permission?

You can contact Customer Support and dispute the hours.

To keep a contractor logging unauthorized hours, you can reduce the weekly limit to zero hours during periods of inactivity.

Hope this gets sorted out for you!

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