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I am new to oDesk and although applying for many jobs (transcribing and data entry, I've done it many time before), I am not being asked for interviews. Is it simply because of my lack of feedback? It's sort of a catch 22 as I need feedback and what not in order to get jobs, however I am not being hired because I do not have any. Tips or advice kindly appreciated.

Angelina Jones

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No, it is not just your lack of feedback

Honestly, your profile is a mess, sorry to say.

What is your title referencing?

You have only one, below-average test showing. Hide that until you can retake, and take other tests. Only show the ones that you score above 30% on.

"I am currently studying English Literature so have an excellent and professional command of the English language, my punctuation and spelling is flawless." This sentence alone proves itself completely wrong. If you are trying to stand on your command of the English language, your entire profile should easily back that up. It fails to do so repeatedly.

ETA: You just joined yesterday and you are complaining about not being invited to interviews? Please educate yourself on how the site works.


Angelina, your profile photo looks like you are 12 years old. Are you 18 years of age or over? You must be at least 18 to use this site. It is hard to tell as you have no education listed in your profile. As a client I would say, this is a 12 year old trying to get a job.
Also, you do know there over a hundred thousand contractors using this site, looking for jobs.
Take some time and read all the helpful posts here on how to setup a good profile and after that is done and IF you are over 18 years of age, then start applying for jobs.

Something is not quite right.

There is so much wrong here....suffice it to say both Robin and Margaret have given you some very good advice.

One thing you wrote:

"Transcriber Stephen Mullarkey Solicitors
June 2011 - January 2012
I worked as a transcriber at this legal office for over a year, transcribing both audio and video files from interviews and the like in order for them to be used in case preparation and in court."

uh, no, you didn't. June 2011 to Jan. 2012 is ONLY 7 months. If you think a client won't look at that and smell a rat, you're kidding yourself.

As someone pointed out

Your profile is a disaster.

Not only that -- if you continue to apply for these kinds of jobs "I will not pay more then $1 for each article" then you get what you get.

Make sure that you list your skills. I am assuming that if you worked for a solicitor that you're over 18 but that picture is horrible and not professional at all.

Rule #1 of freelancing: you're competing against other professionals. You'll need to prove you're a professional. If your profile is any indication of what your cover letters look like you'll never get an assignment.

I am just going to throw this

I am just going to throw this in;

Aside from what was already mentioned above, and yes you can take
what they stated to heart. Those above do know what they are talking

You will have some posters come on and say to lower your rate to get that first
job and feedback, don't do it. You will set a precedence for working at bottom
feeder rates.

This will hurt you when you see a great job that you would 'love' to do
and at your rate. If you've worked cheap before, you will work cheap again.

If are really worth what you state, then keep it.
Updating your profile, especially that pic will help immensely.

Cover letter
feedback please, thanks!