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Not authorized to check my own msg.

What gives oDesk?

Trying to access msg from client.
Yes I am logged in and no I am not going to delete my cookies.
Tell me what cookies belong to oDesk and I will delete them.

Oh yea, I tried support for chat,
seems like I am one of the ones you do not care for.

Ticket? an't got time for a ticket at oDesk pace.

You are not authorized to access this page.

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Me too

Me too. Finally accessed my new messages by clicking on See All Messages.

I cannot do anything on O desk suddenly

Hi - anyone have any thoughts - I am logged in but cannot hire or even see my own messages as an error message comes up saying I am not authorised? Is O desk having a problem at the moment?

Thanks Aleah, that worked.

Thanks Aleah, that worked.


Also got the same problem Today. Thanks for the tip. By clicking see all the msg I was able to access.

You guys (and ladies!) I

You guys (and ladies!) I experienced this last night, and after a few minutes everything went back to normal. Please do confirm if the problem is still there and contact Customer Support if so, so that they can look it over.

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