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What's the best way to acquire a job that is not present in your work history?

Normally you get invites for the jobs that were showing in your history but you may have more experience in any other field. Like in my case I got invites for Mathematical jobs but I am v.good at excel, word, powerpoint & pdf.
Can you suggest the best way to overcome this hindrance in getting the right jobs for all our skills.

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Apply for them?

sheesh and a member since

sheesh and a member since 2009.

Oh i wish i could say what i am thinking.

well its my part time job so

well its my part time job so learning my ways slowing when having spare time. I know attach samples etc but need other options too.
You can send your thoughts on my personal id if you like.

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Been here since 2009 and

Been here since 2009 and still don't know the TOS yet.

Applying but normally having

Applying but normally having interviews for same jobs & I want to do new things too.

Hey Zahida! Naturally, you

Hey Zahida! Naturally, you can apply to any job that you find interesting and are skilled for. In order to increase your chances of getting hired or being considered, you can do the following:

> Add that skill/experience to your profile and overview

> If it was a B&M job, mention it in the the employment history and then add appropriate details

> Add relevant samples to your portfolio. Nothing beats a good portfolio piece to showcase your skill and experience.

>Write a compelling cover letter. When applying, show the client you know what you are talking about, answer concerns and make sure you stand out as an expert.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks dear applying all

Thanks dear applying all above tactics. But you missed one that is wait for LUCK.
Anyhow it was a great help.


Is not it better to stay focused on single technology and rise as a specialist? Your current work history may not show a diverse experience, yet it defiantly shows your proven expertise in mathematics. It has some advantages, since you can negotiate your rate better and can get attention of employer more quickly, in a tough competition here on oDesk.
PDF,excel, word are sort of skills where there is tons of competition. Also I am not sure, if its any well paying on oDesk. Yet if you really want to do this, I guess, Ayesha already provided some guidelines.

Yes, you are right about

Yes, you are right about specialization but don't you believe on diversty as nowadays we must be doing multitasking to climb the ladder of success.

No, it doesn't.

By specializing, you're placing yourself above all the generalists who think they can Google anything and get the job done. You'll make more money per job and work less. Plus, specialists have people come looking for them. Several of my ongoing clients saw some of my bylined work on the web and found me, not the other way around, and they pay my price.

Multi-tasking yes. Be able to know how to write content, advertorials, white papers, educational programs, etc. all in your SPECIALTY. Just like you're doing specializing in math. But look outside of oDesk for other jobs. There are platforms all over the internet and offline looking for people just like you.

Staying glued to oDesk is not utilizing the brains and the education you have.

more money per job and work less


Apply for that job. Explain

Apply for that job. Explain to your client that you can handle it.