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How important is location?

Hi All,

I am new to Odesk and have am in the process of hiring someone to carry out some SEO for my UK based company. Our company is involved in the UK property market and my question is this.

Does location have any impact on SEO for my company? I do not want to hire someone to carry out 4 months of SEO work to then just get leads through from India! lol

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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You need to learn what SEO is

You need to learn what SEO is first.


rofl because it's so true...

@Warren : sorry, I couldn't abstain myself from my comment.
No, where the contractors are located has nothing to do with SEO. What matters is how good their work is, almost everything else besides their location... SEO is integrated into your website and it helps you get higher in rankings with Search Engines. Meh, better ask your contractors to educate you a little about this, you really need it if you asked a newbie question like that.

If they have proper tools it

If they have proper tools it should not be an issue. One of the tools I use allows me to select several search engines from virtually any region of the world. So I can target fairly well.

My suggestion would be to ask them HOW they will make sure they are not ranking you in their locality, and rather where you need it to happen. Google is not Google anywhere. The top rankings are not the same as you mention in India than where you live.

Ask a few contractors the same questions.. you'll quickly begin to understand which ones know and which don't.

A very easy way to test their

A very easy way to test their abilities in location simulation would be to do a Google search for your keywords and then (without telling them you did so..) ask them to list the top 10 sites for a couple keywords.

If they match your results... chances are they know what they are doing at least on a basic level.. if they come up with different results, then you know they aren't even capable of the most basic marketing strategies, and should interview others.

Would this actually work?

I'm wondering if this would actually work. The reason I ask is that I was just listening to a debate that touched on google searches. One of the things pointed out by a debater was that often google will keep track of your individual searches and attempt to tailor subsequent searches based on your past search history and the websites you've visited.

Apparently, you can turn this off by going into preferences and clicking "ignore past search history" but if it's not turned off then your search results may be different from other people simply based on your search history.

That is very true.

Because I have a very specific niche in which I write, I often find the same sites coming up in my research. The same goes or google ads.

They have managed to find the algorithm that tailors your searches to your particular interests.


Shouldn't Google Chrome Incognito mode work for this?

Bingo & ditto for Firefox.

Bingo & ditto for Firefox.

Looks like

Looks like you're going to need more than just SEO to drive traffic & convert your site visitors into qualified leads, eventually into a buying customer - SEO alone cannot guarantee conversion Wink