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End contract and get feedback?


If I have two jobs at the same time and I don't have enough time for both can I end contract with one client?
Will I get feedback if I didn't turn on time track not once and client didn't pay me a thing?

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Yes, basically.... but ....

Yes, you "can" end one contract but really you should have thought about that before accepting two clashing contracts because besically you are messing one client around....

If you were not paid then you will not get any feedback, so don't worry about that.

It's not the most professional thing to do though, really, is it?

You can end the contract.

You can end the contract. There is no feedback if less than 99c changes hands. It would be polite to contact the client and explain things though.


both parties will be able to leave feedback on any contract.

If, however, there are less than $1 in net earnings for a contract (net earnings being the amount received by the contractor), then that contract, the feedback ratings and the feedback comments will not show in the contractor's public profile nor will it show in the client's contract history. Just a clarification.

The $1 net earnings rule is one of the reason why you should ask for an upfront payment of at least $1 for fixed-price contracts.

I'm so afraid I'll get a bad

I'm so afraid I'll get a bad feedback.

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Vedna, you can't get bad feedback

if you have not done any work or been paid. Yes the client can give you feedback but it would never show up on your profile. The client could theoretically pay you a Dollar and leave feedback, but all you'd have to do would be to refund the money.

But have you TOLD the client you will not be doing the work? The longer you wait the more inconvenience you are causing your client!

Stop thinking about the feedback for a minute. Think about running your business in a professional way, which includes time management and communication with clients.

I agree with Petra

It was very unprofessional to accept a second contract that you were not sure to have the time for.

Now this client that you are going to quit on has put in all the time to select you and discuss the contract with you. It has to be frustrating to try to select the right contractor anyways, and then to have the one selected quit before even beginning. No wonder so many clients get irritated.

The longer you wait, the more you have inconvenienced the client.

Yes, Vesna, you should stop the contract quickly. No, there will be no actual ill effects shown on your profile. Please, though, understand how inconsiderate it is to do this to someone. Be apologetic as you explain your situation to your client. Most importantly, learn from it.