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Cover Letter

Hello everyone. I am a new member of oDesk. So need your help and support to grow my career here. If anyone can plz tell me how do I write a cover letter while applying for a job? Plz give me some suggestion of if possible give me some format of cover letter.



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Before you begin applying for

Before you begin applying for jobs or worrying about your cover letter, I'd take some time to fix your profile.

Would you hire an "Expert in Data Entry" with a below average test score in spelling? No, you wouldn't and nor would anyone else that cares about quality.

Your overview is lacking. It's potentially the most valuable piece of real-estate on your profile and you've neglected to use it.

You're an "Expert in Customer Service" but have no customer service test scores to prove it when those tests are readily available to be taken and are free.

Your portfolio makes no sense to me. How does what you've submitted make me believe that you are the best qualified for a Data Entry or Customer Service job? Perhaps for data entry you could use a screenshot of a typing tutor software showing your typing speed and accuracy?

No-one is going to want to spend time helping you if you do not first spend time helping yourself. An expert in customer service might understand the importance of basic research and having the information a potential employer might look for readily available.

Due Diligence

Due diligence.

Thanks to Robert.