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A Celebration!!

I just wanted to share my personal celebration with the world. I have surpassed 200 jobs on oDesk!! I am patting myself on the back out loud and sharing with the world, now off I go, I will be back at the 300 marker Smile

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Congratulations, Nancy!

And what fabulous feedback! You should be really proud of yourself !!

Nice :)

I may never see 200 jobs, I simply have too many outside clients to spend a lot of time on clients here -- my current contract is a fixed rate and won't tally hours (as a lot have been) but I've got a ton of hours stacked up (over 3,000) along with the 400 odd hours I had previously. In total even adding the "old" jobs together with the ones that are currently on my profile I have only had just over 100 jobs LOL Smile

Impressive work history and

Impressive work history and feedback! Keep it up and I wish you reach 300 soon!

Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone, I am very proud, especially never forgetting the struggle it was to get moving in the first place. I am sure everyone can relate. Smile

Very good. Happy for

Very good. Happy for you.

BTW, Neat name you have there:


Hey Nancy! Congrats on the

Hey Nancy! Congrats on the fabulous work history! I hope you get heaps more in the future as well!

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Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

Great job Nancy!

Great job Nancy!


Great impressive work.