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Too funny to ignore

Couldn't help it this is too funny to ignore:

Each article should be readable, meaning no garmmer mistakes

Clearly spelling mistakes are allowed Smile

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Classic :)

I want a Garmmer mistake. It sounds like fun Laughing out loud

I bet...

I bet you $2 my Garmmer mistake can beat your Garmmer mistake. Laughing out loud

well, i was knot going to

well, i was knot going to take that bet, butt I will now.

But I can ...............

But I can do Garmmer mistakes in 3 languages! Fluently! AND spelling ones too.

Beat that! Tongue

I saw....

"proofreading og university project" Uhhhhh, well, for starters....

Found one today that made me giggle

OK here's a dilly. This person posted a job for someone to write an appeal for the New Zealand Supreme Court. The pay rate is set at $300. Now, one would think that if you are in New Zealand and need a supreme court appeal you'd need someone who knows NZ laws right?

The client has invited 11 contractors. 6 in the Phillipines, 3 from India, one from US and one from UK.


Me thinks he's paying to little and expecting too much

Never .................. :)

Doreen Martel wrote:

Me thinks he's paying to little and expecting too much

You reckon? Like a large percentage of the clients here you mean?

That reminds me of the client who loudly complained in the Clients forum that the contractor she had hired on oDesk to handle her legal troubles, but paid outside of oDesk, had sold her down the river after beeing paid the grand sum (OUTSIDE oDesk, of course) of $ 150 (I think it was) for 4 months worth of legal writing.

That was a classic......

I occasionally write a lengthy essay in the "Why I am declining your invitation to interview" box explaining why the chances of finding a native German speaker with near native English skills to produce "excellent" specialist translations (medical / legal) at $ 0.01 a word or less are roughly the same as those of finding the Hope Diamond in the dog's dinner. It's a complete waste of time, of course, but it makes me feel better.