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Financial Account has been suspended

Hi All,

I get this notification :
Financial Account has been suspended. Please contact customer support.
It's 19 days before. I already try to resolve this problem by live chatting with customer support. But all of customer support saying : the financial side is temporarily placed on hold by another department that is currently reviewing your account . I do apologize but I do not see any additional information of this review.

But Still now no solution I get. So, I try again by Live chat. and they says : It shows that this concern is still being reviewed.

But now one from Risk Management or any other department replaying me for my this problem ticket.

Whats going on oDesk?

If customer support can't resolve then why every time oDesk says : Please contact customer support.

I believe that every oDesk Contractor must depend on oDesk support and working safely. Smile But after Hard work If we have to feel this type of problem and no replay with in 19 days then Where we can go? and what will happened with my earning?

So, I just toooooo much worried. So if any one know any way to solve then pleas please help me to learn.


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I am also facing the exact

I am also facing the exact situation, and its getting on my nerves. I don't know, who would respond me. No body have told me the even the reason for this suspended account.

Please contact Customer

Please contact Customer Support, only they can help and guide you in this regard.

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