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Access Token -- not getting Access Token Secret

I'm successfully getting an access token but all I get back are:
oauth_token and server_time

According to the API I should be receiving an oauth_token and oauth_token_secret

Is oauth_token_secret not important? I was pretty sure I need it to sign my requests, but the API seems rather poorly documented so I don't know what to believe.

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Rachel, thank you for using


thank you for using oDesk API.
Unfortunatelly it is not enough data in your post to identify a problem you describe. Please read more about authntication here or check examples here, or contact apisupport@.

I finally figured it out...i

I finally figured it out...i don't know why I was getting an access token without a secret, but eventually I just ran the Javascript example code provided at the ODesk Developer examples page and stared at it until I figured out how to implement it in Perl. If anyone needs help getting it running in Perl let me know.