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Sort jobs by hourly rate

We should be able to sort jobs by hourly rate. For example, people in the US are not going to work for $2/hr when the minimum wage is over $7/hr, with a professional job around $25/hr. There is a benefit if you can cut down the time that people spend looking for contracts if we can sort within a certain hourly rate. Fixed rates are often misleading on here.

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I concur

I mean, there certainly are people in the US who will work for $2 an hour.

And I have no idea what is meant by "There is a benefit if you can cut down the time that people spend looking for contracts if we can sort within a certain hourly rate."

Otherwise, yes. This would be a useful addition.

For example, the "Most Dollars Paid" option presents jobs that simply don't have an hourly rate specified.


oDesk search usability is very lacking. Searching by hourly rate would be nice, but then again most people don't post their hourly rate on oDesk. Here, as opposed to Elance, people are not encouraged to disclose those details upfront. I can't say I disagree since hourly rate is really on a per-case basis. Adding a search filter where most jobs don't match would harm job exposure.

What is really lacking in oDesk search is better skill filtering. Sheez!! I can't believe this hasn't been improved already.

Verified Payment Method Filter

While we're at it, it would be pretty cool and useful if we could choose to search for jobs where the employer has their method of payment verified already. I know that there's a filter for unrated clients and clients who have hired people in the past, but there's still that entire set of clients (may not be many, but I'm sure they're there somewhere!) who have just opened an ODesk account and haven't gotten a chance to hire anyone yet.

What I meant is that Odesk and Customers will benefit

People don't work for $2/hour in the US unless they are "cheating" somehow, completely incompetent, or they get paid on commission. No one should really work for less than $20/hr within their own business in the US. People charge $75/hr at auto repair shops. You can work at a grocery store making $12 in some cases. It's crazy to not be able to filter jobs by hourly rate. There is a lot of spam in the $2/hr and $50+/hr range on all the freelance sites. We need more ways to cut out the spam and target our wages.