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Invoice download = nightmare !

In most European countries, as per our tax laws, each month we must insert in our record all invoices issued for our expenses.

The new functionality in the Billing / Transaction History page requires 3 clicks per each invoice:
Details - View Invoice - OK - Details - View Invoice - OK
It's a real time consuming task, even if you have 5 or 6 active contractors.

Also there's another problem: this way of working is more expensive, as each invoice must be registered in our tax record,
and each registration has a cost.

It would be much easier to have a single monthly invoice, with inside all single Team member charges and an overall amount.

We would save a lot of time and some good money, too.

After all, it's just a new query...

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totaly agree with this

totaly agree with this request

A must

Monthly invoices are a must. I am just in the middle of entering all of my invoices to my tax tracking software and I am banging my head against the wall...

This is really a nightmare. And I remember the time when I have more active contractors and I spent literally a few HOURS entering all oDesk invoices to the system.

Really, please do something about it.

Invoicing is a nightmare !

I have now downloaded 62 invoices

One invoice is 4 click to download so i had to use 248 clicks just to do my legal accounting.

Please we need a Download all invoices buttons.

In addition lets get the option to have one invoice for each credit card transaction. We have to present all the invoices due to legal reason. But who the heck create 6 invoices for one credit card transaction. The guy programming this must be drunk.

ONE INVOICE for each credit card transaction PLEASE

And why cant i delegate downloading of invoices when you cant make a useful system.
If I want to delegate my admin I also need to delegate Hiring. Thats really not similar job. Odesk is about delegating admin work but I cant delegate odesk admin work as who ever programmed it have no clue what he is doing.

ARE --

Will anyone from oDesk bother

Will anyone from oDesk bother to notice and comment in this thread, please? The monthly amount of work required to handle oDesk invoicing for people in Europe is ridiculous...

And we do not ask for rocket science. The same invoice template applies, just allow multiple line items in one invoice.


ONE invoice per. credit card withdrawal listing individual payments to each contractor/project.

Our accountant has stated that the current paper mess is not going to pass muster with the european based IRS. If a solution is not found we'll have to stop using oDesk.