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80 character limit in payment window

When was this changed and why? I used that message window to list the files I was paying the contractor for so they could update their records. Now, I am reduced to paying one or two files as a time instead of being able to pay for all the files at once. Very time consuming and pointless.

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Yeah, same thing here.

Yeah, same thing here. Strongly support this request.
Cause I have a bunch of contractors which were payed for different models, and we used this field to confirm for which exact models they received the payment.

Here's an example of what this field contained in my Milestone payments:

Payment for:
Fly__IQ255_Black 8 $0.40 $3.2
Nokia__Asha_300_Light_Gold 2 $0.40 $0.8
Samsung__S5300_Galaxy_Yellow 7 $0.40 $2.8
Samsung__S6802_Galaxy_Ace_Duos_Pink 7 $0.40 $2.8
Samsung__S8600_Wave_3_Silver 7 $0.40 $2.8

TOTAL: $13.78

And now I must send a duplicate email or message, saying which payment was made for what.