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Sooo new to this and having a bit of trouble

Can someone please help me? I am brand new to the whole working online and I have gotten hired for a data entry position. Yesterday they asked me what bank I affiliate myself with but no banking information and they asked if I wanted to get paid by check or direct deposit. Isn't my pay supposed to go through odesk and I withdraw money from there or is this okay? Im not trying to break any rules but I don't know anything about this and its driving me crazy!!!! Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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provide anyone outside oDesk with personal banking information EVER

Contact the help desk. Advise them of this "clients" actions. You may not have a contract at all but a con artist ... sorry Sad

You are absolutely correct: All payment MUST go through oDesk.


Would that be .....

Would that be the Data Entry position that was posted by a brand new client who is "interviewing" 50odd contractors for the job, has not had their payment method verified AND has not hired ANYONE for that position?

If that's the one then you have not been hired....

Please do NOT give out any banking information and whatever you do - don't click on any links, do not go to any website that the client may be sending any links to, and do not enter any user-names or passwords....

Report the matter to oDesk and unless you are REALLY hired (and the "job" is clearly shown in your "my jobs" tab - do not do any work for anybody under any circumstances.

PS - If something sounds too good to be true it ALWAYS is

It's this one, isn't it???

: This is a great entry level opportunity for those wanting to begin a career in Data entry work. Pay rate is $18/hour.

Does ANYONE really believe that there is a client in this universe, or any universe apart from possibly the Planet-Fluffy-Bunny Constellation beyond the Father-Christmas Solar System, who would pay $ 18.00 per hour to "beginners" for an *entry level* data entry gig?????

Well, considering the number of applicants that "client" had it would appear that some people really do believe in magical unicorns......

Somebody please explain...

Why ANYONE would: a. bid on this job?

and b. bid lower than $18 even if they did bid on this job?

Applicants: 454 (avg $11.69/hr)
Interviewing: 52 (avg $13.81/hr)

the same answer applies to a) and b)

There are two possible answers (and both may apply here) to both questions:

a. bid on this job?

and b. bid lower than $18

1) is not very kind so I'll keep it to myself. Someone more benevolent might say "inexperienced"

2) The Germans have a saying "Gier frisst Hirn" - basically "Greed eats brain" - which fits nicely whenever people fall for scams which any "undigested" brains would instantly identify as "CLEARLY A COMPLETE SCAM!!!"

Abandon's almost

Abandon's almost certainly a scam. If you have given over *any* personal details, then you should change your passwords right now.

Too funny

Yes, give them your account number and the routing or swift number. LMAO. I wonder how many people have done that?

Give it a little while. We

Give it a little while. We will have posts here relating to bank accounts emptied.

Natalie, please don't give

Natalie, please don't give out any bank info to the client. Accepting payment outside of oDesk is called Disintermediation and is a violation of TOS. You could get permanently suspended for this.

Like everyone else has pointed out, kindly contact Customer Support and report the job and the client plus attach the communication exchanged where they were asking for your banking details and preferred payment option (outside oDesk)

Also please do check that you have an active contract before you do any work. Go to 'My Jobs' tab, there you should see the contract as active. But still don't send them bank details and let them know that you'll only accept payments within oDesk.

Please use the links below to read up on the basics and familiarize yourself of how the site works:

Contractor Learning Center

Disnintermediation Policy

Job warning signs

Staying Safe on oDesk

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I had a client...

Ask to pay me through PayPal. I don't think he understood he had to pay through oDesk. I just politely explained that if he wanted me to do the work the payment had to come through oDesk. He got his payment method set up and it's been fine. I think some clients really just don't pay attention to the rules-- the same goes with contractors too. They just hop on and start working.