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Need advise--911 asap

I applied for a position through odesk that seemed legit, but now I feel skeptical. I received the following email from the client via odesk:

Thank you for your interest in our Customer Service & Support Position. Due to the high number of Applicants to our multiple positions on oDesk, we are asking that all applicants complete the following Pre-Employment Screening:

Go to this job application.

View the job application on oDesk to see the complete profile or to make a hire. Reply to this email to send a message.

The link obviously is outside of odesk and contained this information:

Header Image

Form Image Element
Applicant Information
First Name
Last Name
PositionApplied For
Form Image Element
Form Image Element
Months/Years of experience in position applied for:
Why are you the best candidate for this position?
Form Image Element
Training For this position, we require all applicants to have adequate disk space on their computers in order to use our programs. For the first 4 weeks of this position, we will be offering paid training to all applicants. All applicants who succeed in training will go on to work with us in a permanent position, if they choose. We require all applicants to complete the following step before training begins: 1. Download MyPCWash. MyPCWash is a program that we use to debug, clean, and increase the speed and disk space of our computers. Because we process so many files each day, it is essential that we use a service such as MyPCWash so that we are able to keep track of files, avoid error because of slow loading times and keep our computers at the right amount of disk space needed to run our system. After submitting this form, you will be redirected to the MyPCWash download page. Complete the sign up process for the 3 day trial. You will be asked to submit a credit/debit card for a one-time charge of $0.86. This amount will be refunded to you by us via oDesk. Since this program is only needed to run for the first 2 days of training, you can delete it after this portion of training is complete. After you have completed this process, we ask that you send us a message via oDesk stating: "I have completed the Pre-Employment Screening & Downloaded MyPCWash." Training schedules will be sent within 48 hours of receipt of the above message via oDesk. If you have any conflicts within the training schedule please let us know as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks again for your interest in our position & we look forward to working with you soon.

I'm hesitant because of downloading a program I know nothing about and have no idea how it will affect my computer. Is this something that is allowed by odesk? Should I follow through and do as the email states? It seems kinda covert to me and makes me a bit nervous. Any advise by experienced odesk users would be welcome.

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It looks more of a survey

It looks more of a survey than a job ad. Maybe all they want is some of their survey questions answered and they already got it.


At the least, this looks like a waste of your time. At the worst, you'll be scammed for more than just free work. A reasonable rule of thumb on oDesk is: if it looks dodgy, it almost certainly is.

[qoute]You will be asked to

You will be asked to submit a credit/debit card for a one-time charge of $0.86.

Refunded through oDesk, not a chance they will.
Put your brain in gear and think.

It is a SCAM.

I'm hesitant because of downloading a program I know nothing about and have no idea how it will affect my computer

Could very well be a key logger.

If you submitted your CC, you better call the 800 number or whatever and tell them to cancel it.
They could very well charge it a 100.00s of dollars.

Damn, don't you people pay attention?

That is not So what if one of the links takes you to Adobe, that is just to add credibility to the site.

The domain name expires 30-nov-2013. Any real business would be expiring in 10 years or more.

Joseph's right.

Any "client" who will charge you anything at all to get a job is not a client, but a SCAMMER. I surely hope you didn't use your credit card with them.

I would never give out my

I would never give out my Credit/Debit card info to get work. This doesn't sound right to me. I think you should contact Customer Support and let them check this job out.

What sort of history does the client have? Any paid jobs? Reviews? How long have they been at oDesk?

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Yup. Scam. Don't download it, don't fill in the form. 99% chance of you being billed full price for the software plus more later for an expert to clean it off your system, unless you're comfortable doing manual virus removals. I've encountered some of this company's previous 'products' and they are a bugger to get rid of.

The software is one of those "make up virus reports and panic gullible users into coughing up more money" deals.

Darren, just in case. They

Darren, just in case. They are called 'Ransom Viruses'

I calls 'em ****.

I calls 'em ****.

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lol, i use a little bit

lol, i use a little bit stronger word than that. Smile

double lol. It looks ruder

double lol. It looks ruder with the stars. This is somehow pleasing.

Yep. But what is wrong with

Yep. But what is wrong with the word bastard?

Yes, Junelle.

Junelle A. wrote:
lol. "removed by admin" but the word's still in the comment title. Big smile

and - pardon me Cate, but this is your domain Tongue - the deleted word simply means "a child born out of wedlock."

Yes, "bastard" is a legitimate English word -- NOT a curse word according to Merriam-Webster. And your definition is correct. Wink



haha :)

Junelle A. wrote:
lol. "removed by admin" but the word's still in the comment title. :bigsmile:

Not anymore.

Must have been something I

Must have been something I said. Fucked if I know why I was the only one edited though.

Please mod :)

-Darren- J. wrote:
I calls 'em ****.

*[Removed by Admin]

Stop picking on Darren. It's annoying to see his comments constantly *[Removed by Admin]. It's not like he called someone bastard. Did you see what he was referring to?.