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Give option to make income show or hide on public profile.


I would like Odesk to give maximum options to show or hide various things on public profile. The best example is Facebook which has provided a lot of options to make private or public various features regarding public profile view.

The most important thing is income on public profile that shouldn't be viewable to everyone and there should be option to make it private in profile settings.

I will follow this post eagerly for any kind of progress on this suggestion.

Nasir Hussain

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Totally agreed!

Financial information for both oDesk Contractors and oDesk Clients should be treated as confidential by oDesk, and members should have options to control whether earnings and payment transactions appear or do not appear publicly and to other oDesk members. The way things are now on oDesk, it is like publishing real-world employment pay stubs on the Internet for all to see.

I agree

I totally agree with this however only the earnings should be removed or be hidden but not the total hours worked, Feedbacks, Projects & etc.

I totally agree. Odesk needs

I totally agree. Odesk needs to give more options for maintaining confidentiality. I am also opening a thread myself.