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my profile

i have my job end and i want my job to be put on my profile...please view my profile...
but it wasn't there how can i show to other client that i already have project done...
help please....

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Wild guess

Let me make a wild guess - you accepted a fixed rate job and the client has not paid yet is that correct?

If so, then you will not see the assignment in your profile until they pay you at least $1.

Hi there, it depends on

Hi there, it depends on whether you were paid for the job or not. For fixed priced jobs to show on profile, you need to have $1 or greater paid for it, for hourly, you need to track time and then it starts showing on your profile.

There's another thing, the public profile updates in 12-24 hours. So your newly finished job will take at least that long to show up.

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