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Is it spam email?

I just receive an email. I think it is spam email which are showing that they are odesk offials.

Here is email text

Hi Muhammad Irfan,

We're migrating our email address to Add us to your address book today to keep receiving your important oDesk emails!

Happy working,

The oDesk Crew


Is it spam?

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Dear Irfan, No it's an

Dear Irfan,

No it's an official mail from oDesk. oDesk is using a new email service provider. Kindly add this e-mail address in your contacts as it will be used in future by oDesk to communicate with us.


Why is not not something like

Why is not not something like this put in 'notifications'?

It IS official

Dear all,

For further verification, I went to the Facebook page of oDesk and there was one post talking about it by "Dennis Douglas A Catubao". oDesk has replied there. Kindly have a look at it. And about alerting it on the notifications tab, yes it should have been done.


I don't think it's official

I don't think it's official but I believe Ayesha will help when she reads this post.

Hi everyone, This is

Hi everyone,

This is legit, we have a new email service provider and a new email alias.

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If y'all are going to change

If y'all are going to change something like this, then there should be a notifaction in our account.

That's a stupid subdomain. What is this, trying to model after McD's?