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Shall we have a thread about our pets?

I am owned by an English Springer Spaniel called Murphy, and a Birman cat called Baloo. They are quite inseparable and just too much fun! I also keep tropical fish in a 4 ft tank.

Used to have horses and competed quite extensively, but my hip is falling apart so I had to give up riding, at least at the level I used to be at. I hope to start again as and when I get the hip replaced, but that won't be for a few years yet.

Baloo is a bit of a "special" cat. I think he believes he's a dog. I have never had any pet that's quite so goofy. He is in my bad books at the moment as he caught his first ever mouse this morning. That, in itself, would not be a problem had he killed and left it outside, instead of proudly bringing it in and letting it go..... I think it's under the fish tank. The fish tank can not be moved without draining it (way too heavy) and my enthusiasm for a mouse, decomposing under it is limited at best! My enthusiasm for sharing the place with a live mouse is equally limited. So instead of doing an urgent translation I am sitting here staring at the dog and the cat who are both staring at the tiny gap at the bottom of the fish tank.

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No idea....

Murphy got bored and fell asleep. Baloo is still stalking the fish tank. The fish seem blissfully unaware of the drama in their basement, the mouse's views on the matter are currently unknown, as is the state of his or her health......


Murphy -

Baloo -

Baloo is an absolute doll!

Baloo is an absolute doll! You are so lucky. Smile

I think a lot of pure breeds have lost their killer instincts. My Persian Chico sort of did the same thing. There was a mouse in the house, which he caught, let go, cornered, lost, mouse went behind night table, Chicho sat there, got bored, mouse escaped, Linda found mouse in kitchen, caught it, let it go and Chico, the great mouser, goes back every so often (this was over a year ago) to night table because he believes mouse is still there... crazy cat.

Baloo was unwanted, believe it or not....

He was born with a kink in his tail, and his breeder just wanted him gone so the prospective buyers for the "perfect" kittens would not have to see the "defective" one.

The Birmans are not as "overbred" as some of the other fancy breeds, mainly because they never got quite as popular as the Persian for example.

I used to have a black cat who specialised in baby rabbits. And frogs. So in the spring we'd get frogs brought in and in the summer it was baby rabbits. Alive, of course....... (Rolls eyes at the memory of waking up to a confused frog on the pillow)

Pics: Buffy:


Chicho - not the greatest picture, he's been in the flower garden and is a bit dirty:

Lovely, Linda :) - Oh - and the mouse is no more.....

Linda M. wrote:

Chicho - not the greatest picture, he's been in the flower garden and is a bit dirty:

Lovely pics - Why is Buffy in the basin - and why do Persians always look like something has just seriously pi**ed them off?

Sharique, looking after pets is half the fun. My dog makes sure I get my exercise every day as he needs an hour's run off the lead every day or he starts bouncing off the walls!

I can also report that the mouse is no more. It unwisely decided to make a run towards the fireplace and Baloo was not going to let it get away a second time.

I no longer have a live mouse in the room. Pheww

Sinks and cats

Petra R.][quote=Linda M. wrote:

Lovely pics - Why is Buffy in the basin - and why do Persians always look like something has just seriously pi**ed them off?

I no longer have a live mouse in the room. Pheww

Lovely stories everybody Smile

Petra, Buffy has always liked sinks! Don't know why but she does. Crazy thing of hers. Got her as a stray. She ran into the English centre one day. She was such a tiny thing my sis thought she was a mouse or something. She, Buffy not my sister Wink , was about 5 weeks old and could fit in my mom's hand!

Good to know the mouse was caught. Perhaps Baloo's killer instinct was only dormant and needed a cute little field mouse to bring it out in him. Wink

I love sharpeis btw! I thing the uglier the dog, the cuter they are. I also love French bulldogs. They are so ugly they are adorable. I wanted one once, but they wanted over 3000 euro for it... ended my love affair with the breed... oh, well, I still can coo from afar!

I would love to have pets as

I would love to have pets as long as I have somebody to take care of them. So it looks like I need to earn enough to hire a caretaker before I have pets.

My two dogs; Tipper (14yo

My two dogs; Tipper (14yo 65lb), Lady (3yo 35lb)

The three other dogs that are here belong to the landlady;
Whittney (7yo 90lb), Dolly (7yo 10lb), Abbie (10yo 10lb).

Poor squirels, rats, chickens, sparrows, etc. they are gonners if in the yard.
They will tear the house up going after anything.

Tipper is showing his age. His spine is growing together and a lot of times in pain.
What I wish is that he could talk. I hate not knowing how he feels.
Sometimes I can read him and know he needs a pain pill.
It is getting close to time for having him put to sleep.
After 14 years with him, I know I will cry for a long time.
I will put his pic on the internet somewhere so that he will still be here
for sometime to come.
Will either bury him a home and plant a sapling at his head or take him to
the farm I grew up on and bury him beside a sweet gum tree that I built my
first tree house in when I was a kid.

Lady was a stray that lived in the vacant pasture across the street for a month.
Took me a week of going over there and feeding her, then walking about 100ft
from her so she would come and start eating. Would then just talk to her from
there. She finally did start to come closer and I would pitch dog treats to
her. On the on the morning of the sixth day I sat down and tossed her a treat.
She finally came up close and layed down just barely out of reach to scratch.
After a bit was able to reach out and scratch her paw. Left and came back
that afternoon with food and treats. She did come up to me then and I put
hands around her to see if she would let me lift her up a bit, she did.
The next morning took treats and she came up to me, gave her the treat.
After she finished I just picked her up and took her home.

Her name Lady fits most of the time, but sometimes she is just so bouncy.
From a flat stance she can jump almost even with my head, I am 5'6".

Sorry about Tipper

Sorry to hear about Tipper. I still remember when we had to put our dog to sleep and the whole family was a wreck for a week.

Our dog was around 20 years old and I literally grew up with him. We got him from another family who for some reason didn't want him anymore. I was only around 4 or 5 years old at the time and for the next 15 years or so he was a part of our lives. He was a few years old already by the time we got him and he was put to sleep when I was around 22 years old.

I still remember how we got him even though it's been more than forty years. We had Ginger for about six months when the family that gave him to us decided that they wanted him back. We let Ginger decide who he wanted to go with. We parked our cars and opened the door while we sat in our car and the other family sat in their car. Whichever car Ginger went into got to keep him. He picked us. I remember my Dad telling me that the other boy was crying about losing Ginger but at the time we didn't care because we got the dog.

We still have stories about Ginger and how he used to help my mom look after us (four boys) My favourite story was how Ginger would watch us and not let us leave the yard. We lived in the country with a very long driveway and when we were fairly young if we started to head down the driveway, Ginger would jump up (he was a little Corgi) and grab us by the seat of the pants and pull us down. No matter how mad we got at that dog, he wouldn't let us get past a certain point in the driveway.

It was very tough to even make the decision to put him down but he wasn't doing well and it was time. I won't go into details about the day he was put to sleep but it wasn't pretty. I don't think anyone was prepared for the grief issues involved. I can still see Ginger in my mind even though he's been gone for over twenty years and I've never had another dog since.

Anyway, I just really wanted to say sorry about your dog and I undestand how hard it can be but for some reason I ended up telling a story.

Just don't know what to

Just don't know what to say.

We do know how each other feels about our fur family.

I have a pet rat.

I have a pet rat.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

I had a pet white mouse when

I had a pet white mouse when I was a kid.
Got loose on the airplane.

Freaking woman passenger just could not stand that.
All I did was ask her if she had seen it.

Stewardess helped me catch him.

this f***** is huge, size of

this f***** is huge, size of a small cat, comes an goes when the kitchen door is open.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Is it's name "Willard"?

Is it's name "Willard"?

Nah he don't look gay to me.

Nah he don't look gay to me.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Mahesh, i see you are not

Mahesh, i see you are not into horror movies.

Opps, the rat's name was "Ben".

Try Bampton

Try Bampton

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Great stories everyone - especially Joseph's :)

I work with ... "challenged" people and they are officially not allowed pets. I had one of the staff run out of a room screaming a couple of years ago because of something horrific in one of the rooms. I could not get sense out of her and thought there might be a body (human) or something so went to investigate. The guy got back at roughly the same time and when I asked him what on earth could have scared the poor woman he looked at me with that sheepish look on his face and said "Oh... That must have been Monty"

I asked him what or who on earth "Monty" was and walked in, and there, in a bottom drawer, between neatly rolled up socks, was "Monty" - ........... an (admittedly not overly large) PYTHON....

Kept my sister out of my room

Kept my little sister out of my room when kids.
Had snakes in it.

5ft chicken snake, freaking thing had the audacity to bite me.

Having two budgies. We have

Having two budgies. We have found the first one outside. Someone has lost poor bird. Other one we bought because budgies are very social and need to have a company.
But I'm actually against buying pets.

And one crow. It can't fly so it's living with us. Very intelligent animal. You would be surprised.

<3 Skrillex

Crows are amazingly

Crows are amazingly intelligent and quite lovely birds.

Our home has been graced by many critters over the years. Our current owners are Meesha, a sassy little Birman female, Spooky the black mixed tomcat my niece re-homed with us, and Zeke. Zeke is a lovely (cough, sputter, choke, no really, she's lovely) Border Collie/Black Labrador mix. She's a jumper and quite territorial, though luckily she's accepted that Meesha runs the house.

Spooky lives on the porch at the moment, as Meesha has five kittens with him and she's of the "I hate you and want nothing to do with you" mindset towards him right now.

Of the kittens, I will only be keeping the male, simply because I'm already deeply attached. He nearly died at birth, stuck within his birth sack and unable to break the thin skin of it. I had to literally break it open and massage his little chest til he started breathing.

He is the runt of the litter and shall have a forever home with us. At the moment his name is Ickers, short for Ickle Bitty, as that is exactly what he is, an all black, ickle bitty fuzzball who already meows the moment he sees me.

Joseph - I'm sorry to hear you'll have to be making that sad decision soon. Letting go of a friend is hard and I wish you strength when the time comes.

Thank you Kathryn B.while I

Thank you Kathryn B.

while I am working at my desk he is asleep about 3 ft behind me on the floor.
I will miss him very much. If I leave the room, he comes looking for me.
He is always near me.

If he hurts himself when rolling, he will yelp and come straight to me.
I hurt because I do not know how much pain he is in.
All I can do is hold him and stroke his back.

Sometimes his eyes water like he is crying and I wonder if dogs cry when
they are in pain.

Where can i post a picture of him?

I'd love to see a photo, Joseph

You can upload a picture or 300 onto any photo hosting site, or, if you have any on your facebook just right click and select "copy image location" and then post the link here.

I am sorry Joseph :(

Poor Tipper. Is it not time already? Crying

You can post a pic of him here

I love dogs, it's cats I don't like. I am scared of cats, they look mean.

Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link Natasha.

sheesh, trying to get a pic of him is like trying to pull hen's teeth.

Seems he has always known what a camera is and is camera shy.

Joseph, what medication is he on?

I'm sure you've got it covered with your vet, but we had great success with feeding a chondroitin and glucosamine supplement to horses and dogs with arthritis. It won't cure it but can make them more comfortable for longer! I think the best known brand name you should be able to get over there is called Cortaflex.

It won't replace whatever drugs he's on - but some animals have shown a marked improvement, it prolonged my friend's horse's active life by two years before he finally retired to the field.

I have been reading about this.

Joseph C. wrote:
Seems he has always known what a camera is and is camera shy.

Some say there is no such thing as camera shy pets. If you're using a flash, chances are he has learned to associate the camera with the sudden flash of light. His reaction to run away may just be his attempt to avoid the flashing light.

Posted by someone elsewhere:

Try desensitizing him to the camera before you try to take his picture. Some dogs get frightened when new objects that make weird noises and emit weird lights are pointed right at their faces.

Bring the camera out, let him smell it and look at it while giving him a treat for not running away. Then, after he's comfortable, turn it on and off several times in front of him while feeding him treats, repeat for the picture taking "noise," and lastly, let him get used to the flash pointed at something else before pointing it at him.

Tipper Pics

This one really shows his age in the face

To me, he was and still is a good looking (pretty, but he is male) dog.

Most of his face use to be the same color as his back.
There was some white markings on it, but not many.

I have one that he is two years old in.
Caught him as he was jumping and part way in the air after a squirrel.
Have not been able to find it. I want to save that one so much.

Looks like an older Porthos.

Looks like an older Porthos.
From Enterprise for the sad bunch not into Star Trek.

Best get the ImageShack Uploader app an you can upload straight from ur desktop without typing captcha everytime.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Lovely dog!

He has the sweetest, most concerned eyes.

Such a cute dog :)

Rebecca M. wrote:
He has the sweetest, most concerned eyes.

I agree. Sweet and concerned eyes♥

What a wonderful dog!

Lovely dog! Amazing eyes. ♥

Dog and cat "fighting" ( Video )

What passes for a "fight" in my house Smile

That's it. I'm getting a cat.

That's it. I'm getting a cat.

/// Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts.

Indeed Bojana, come to the

Indeed Bojana, come to the dark side, we have cookies! Ok fine, we just have cats that look like cookies (oreo markings), but it still counts.

If the shipment and customs laws weren't what they are, I'd gladly send you four of mine. The only thing I truly dislike about having kittens is the lengthy process involved in finding them truly good homes. With Christmas being right around the corner, I refuse to even post a notice about them, because it seems too many people think animals make good Christmas presents for children that are in no way responsible enough to take care of them.

Thus my darling Meesha will be getting snipped once the kittens are weaned, as I simply cannot tolerate the idea of having more kittens to re-home with so many already overflowing pet adoption centers worldwide. Therefore my suggestion is, go adopt a cat, because there are plenty out there in need of a caring home.

And now I regret that I live

And now I regret that I live so far away Laughing out loud

We're actually trying to do just that - get a kitten from the local Animal Rescue or at least from a cat owner with a litter on their hands. The Animal Rescue route seems to be more difficult as there are way more dogs than cats there. The last cat we really wanted to adopt was snagged away just under our noses - really gorgeous black&white lad...

/// Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts.

If the stray population of

If the stray population of cats there is like it has become here, the lack of cats may be due to regulations set up regarding the capture of them. Our county animal control officer will NOT pick up stray cats unless they are A) severely injured or sick or B) dangerous. If it's just a healthy cat wandering about with no home, they will refuse to pick it up.

If your local rescues do not have any or very few, check into the actual animal control facilities (dog catchers) as they may be (sadly) putting them down without offering them to the local rescues. This happens quite often as the population of feral cats tends to rise much more quickly than that of feral dogs.

Nice video.

I miss not having a dog. Yours is so pretty Smile

I like the part where the dog is rolling from one side to the other and the cat just

Thanks Natasha :) They are quite inseparable!!

They sleep curled up together, run all over the house together, play all the time, drink from the same bowl at the same time.... I think that's why Baloo thinks he's a dog Wink

Do your pets have their own apps ??

Mine do!

Do you feed birds in

Do you feed birds in winter?

We have some small birds eating outside our windows. They are so cute. ^^

<3 Skrillex

all i can handle is a

all i can handle is a goldfish. dogs and cats are too much for me.

If I had money I would get a

If I had money I would get a robot dog.
The kind that don't crap all over.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.



i have taught my goldfish

i have taught my goldfish tricks like to sit, beg, drool, play dead and fetch. Just imagine a goldfish doing so. Next time, I'm going to buy an angel fish and teach her how to catwalk on the ramp and sashay like she is a runway model.

Angel fish certainly have the

Angel fish certainly have the temperament for that. Pics or it didn't happen though. Tongue

Oddly enough Sharique, I

Sharique A. wrote:
all i can handle is a goldfish. dogs and cats are too much for me.

Oddly enough Sharique, I found fish to be far more maintenance than my dog, cat, and five horses at the time combined. Then again, it may have had something to do with the number of fish.... is 400+ too many?


Sharique A. wrote:
all i can handle is a goldfish. dogs and cats are too much for me.

I was thinking of buying one, but only one..wonder if he will feel lonely.

I love dogs but it's just too much work.

I will pet my neighbor's dogs

I will pet my neighbor's dogs and cats but never have one myself.I cannot give my wholehearted attention to somebody all day long.