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Multiple Contractor's claiming to have coded the same App

We are new to Odesk and having posted an ad for a mobile developer, the headache has begun! We have noticed that on multiple occasions, different contractors and claiming to have coded the same app. They are not connected to the same agency or company and in one case, the contractor says he developed this app single-handedly, yet another has it in his portfolio.

Has anyone else had this experience? It's very frustrating and we're not sure how to separate the good contractors from the bad.

Thanks all.

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hehe, what kind of app is it?

hehe, what kind of app is it? What's your business type? You'll find that to be a common line... that a contractor has done this same job many times before. Be weary of app development. Sometimes it can be done in literally 10 mins if it's just drawing rss feeds or blog posts etc.. restaurant apps are easy too, yet you'll still get charged a fortune for it. Most people could probably do it themselves for the first time with the right tools in a few hours. there are exceptions of course if it requires custom code on Andriod + IOS + Windoze