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Financial Account suspended


My financial account was suspended on 27th October about 24 days ago, I have contacted oDesk support sevral times through Live Chat. But they always told me that my issue is being reviewed by the "Risk Management" department and appropriate department.

I do not know the reaseon why it is suspended, please guide me if someone's account was resumed. Please tell me how much i wait. I am very much afraid and my current work is depressing, please help me:(( Sad( Crying

Kind regards,

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Rizwana only the Support can

Rizwana only the Support can tell you what's going on. I suggest that you kindly be patient, and work with Support. If they ask for any documents or for you to follow a certain procedure, please do so asap so that they can quickly resolve the issue.

If you want to request an update from Support then kindly use the same help ticket rather than opening a new one.

I sincerely hope your suspension gets lifted soon!

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Dear Rizwana, If the reason

Dear Rizwana,

If the reason is 'Risk Managment' then your account must be banned due to some "Phishing scam". Kindly ask the customer support representative if this is the reason and evaluate the clients you have worked who seemed to be 'tricky' with their payment methods or job details.