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I Need Advice

Hi. Good day guys. I need your advice.

So, here's what im experiencing now.
(please take your time reading it)

[Fixed-Price Job]

I have a client and I am done with our project, he paid me half for a 50% draft then I showed him the full video with my water-mark and I told him that I will send the original video right after the full payment. He've seen the full video with my water-mark, proof that I worked full.

Now, he told me to pay tomorrow, up until now I haven't received anything, then he sent me an email saying that he is going to pay the remaining balance tomorrow then later, he proposed something to me, he said that he will give the remaining balance 4 to 6 weeks from now plus $250 bonus for patience, plus he will give me exclusivity on his websites and products (not to mention), only if I agree.

Then, he is now demanding me to give the full video without my water-mark and he will give the remaining balance plus a bonus 4 to 6 weeks from now.

I've checked his profile already, he registered last August 2012, kind of new and have a 2 successful contracts.

If I refuse, he will give 20% remaining balance and 30% on weekend, no bonus.
He rushed me to do the work but I never expect that the payment will be delayed for that long...

He said the reason why the payment is delayed, is that he invested a lot of money for his business (his project with me is just a small part of his business), he said that his investment has been approved and being processed, to be surely get by next year (4 to 6 weeks from now)

What do you think should I do?
Should I give him the final files with only 50% payment made and the remaining will be delayed?
Should I trust this employer or not?

Thanks in advance!

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If it was me I would NOT give

If it was me I would NOT give him the full video till full payment.
Sounds to me like he's trying to get off with just 50%.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

You both had a mutual

You both had a mutual agreement so the best option is to stick with it.

Unfortunately it seems that he hasn't got the full amount of money to pay you at the moment which is bad but that's the risk of fixed price contracts.

Anyway, if I were you, I would not send him the video until he has paid the full amount as you both have agreed on that. A client should have the money to pay for something that he has ordered.

File a help ticket

Others are correct: Do not send him the final product without final payment. Also, file a help ticket NOW before he does and include his "negotiations" (which to me seem more like blackmail) in the ticket so that he doesn't file one and you wind up with your account suspended until he does the right thing.