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i need help please

i am still not capable of finding any job as i am sending applications but no one wants to hire me, if you can look at my profile and tell me what might have gone wrong i will be pleased
thank you

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Just a quick observation. At

Just a quick observation. At first glance your profile does not show value, and as a contractor your main ticket to not only getting hired but making a decent wage at it - is showing value.

No profile picture, coupled with a low asking rate, low test scores and the first viewable sentences of your objective do now show you are capable of anything in particular.

Then I look down and see your education:
Accounting major, economics minor, management....BINGO!

Why are you not designing your entire profile based on this education? It ay serve you well to put up a picture of your face, take some tests that relate to your education. Change your objective to tell client how you are able to use your accounting, economics and management skills to help them become more profitable and/or manage their business.

Clean up your profile, and I see no reason why you couldn't charge $10/hr easy with your education. Business knowledge is a very high paying career path. Once you've been a part of a few decent sized projects, you can start working as a consultant... and that's where the big hourly rates come from.

$10/hr would be a bargain for someone who can help with the book and manage a business. It would be so incredibly easy for you to explain how hiring you would save the client money by both being smart on how they manage their books, and also how hire and operate their financials in general.

If your English is clearly understood and well spoken, you'll do very well in the freelance world.

In short...

You don't appear to be "fluent" at English because your overview is full of errors. So, don't call yourself a translator. And don't apply for translation jobs.

You have a degree in accounting. And you work in book keeping. But you did poorly on the oDesk book keeping test.

If you received a high grade at university and only did badly on the test because of your English skills, then sell yourself as a book keeper. Mention your high university grade. And hide your low test scores.

In your overview write something short and simple about the unique/important value you offer. Something like, "I am an experienced book keeper whose expertise ensures a highly organised and highly productive work environment. My attention to detail has helped numerous clients do everything from avoid costly errors to optimise their day-to-day record keeping."

And until your English skills improve, perhaps only apply for jobs with Arabic-speaking clients.

;) - Joseph ....

Joseph, you may want to proofread that second to last sentence of your post Wink - .......... considering you are talking about "correct use of the English language."

Having said that, I do actually agree with what you said.

The only mistake I can find...

The only outright error I can find is in my first sentence, where I wrote "fluent at" instead of "fluent in.".

And the only thing I would change about the "My attention to detail has helped numerous clients..." sentence is the tense (e.g. to "My attention to detail helps clients..."), but that's for impact rather than to correct a mistake.

Is that really what you're calling me out on?

Really? Tongue

No, even I am not that petty

joseph h. wrote:

Is that really what you're calling me out on?

Really? :-p


It wasn't that at all.....

But what do I know, a mere foreigner......


Is there an error or not? Because you've got me questioning my career choice and my future and the future of my future children and the future of their children and... Oh dear baby Jesus, what have I done? Crying

And I hope that foreigner thing was self-deprecation.

Because I certainly wouldn't diminish anyone's ability to spot an error due to their nationality. It would be like stating only dogs are allowed to discuss the virtues of chasing their tails.

P.S. Would you like to discuss the virtues of chasing your tail?

Your future children are safe :)

Joseph, the "foreigner" bit was in fun and now I am questioning whether it's my understanding of grammar that's wrong rather than the way you wrote it.... If you don't see what I mean it's probably me.....

The "tail chasing" job has already been awarded to my pup Smile

PS: I was missing an "ing" at the end of "avoid" and "optimise" ................

Edited to add: this is driving me round the bend now.... I keep looking at that sentence and I still want to change it to "avoidING" but I can't for the life of me come up with the grammar rule that confirms or throws out my preference. Someone PLEASE put me out of my misery.

I agree with you

about the "ing" ... but I am just another foreigner


Ciccio V. wrote:
about the "ing" ... but I am just another foreigner

Thanks, Ciccio - my inner "lingo center" wants to change it to either

" My attention to detail has helped numerous clients with everything from avoiding costly errors to optimising their day-to-day record keeping."


"My attention to detail helps clients (to) avoid costly errors and (to) optimise their day-to-day record keeping."

but as I said - I can't say WHY I want to change it - it just reads "right" (to my foreign, English-as-a-third-language brain.)

I have seen it both ways. Do

I have seen it both ways.

Do not think either way is wrong. Just diffenect ways to say the same thing.

But then I am not a writer.

What an ugly thread

I feel for you, Joseph. It irks me to no end when people critique forum posts, especially ones written with the intent of being helpful. And, especially when the critique is so full of errors. UGH. Makes me want to critique away.

It is a style choice here, and in many instances there are good reasons for using the continuing "ing" instead of the done-and-over tense you chose. However, as far as avoiding costly errors and optimizing their day-to-day (BTW great job with hyphenating. Those who critique do not seem to comprehend where they go.) record keeping, I think we can safely assume that you did not need to keep doing these same tasks for the same client's same issue, continuing to repeatedly need to help them avoid the same errors and optimize their record keeping. If you did, that would imply that you are inefficient. I am certain that is not the impression you were going for, so your tense is fine. While you may be in the practice of continuing to do these things for new tasks and issues, I am certain that for each instance, you preform the task and move on, which is what your wording implies.

And, by the way, "and" is a great way to begin a sentence. You may want to try to minimize using it this way in formal writing, but on a forum post it is part of the ongoing conversational tone.

I personally hate what passes as quality writing these days, but I would never stop a good conversation to correct someone's grammar. The individual and the conversation are much more valuable than that. A forum is not writing, it is a conversation, and people should start figuring that out. I don't care what you claim as a skill.

Don't take offense

Joseph, writers all seem to catch errors and it's not meant in bad taste or to call you out honestly. With that said, bookkeeper is one word Wink. Also, starting sentences with "and" is a bad idea

Long long time ago, I was

Long long time ago, I was taught it was bad to start a sentence with 'but'.

But now I see that is is acceptable.

It is rather surprising no?

Joseph C. wrote:
Long long time ago, I was taught it was bad to start a sentence with 'but'.

But now I see that is is acceptable.

You are correct. Conjunctions used to be off limits for starting sentences and now they are acceptable in non-business writing.

How instead of people saying:

[qoute]He and I had a fight but, we made up by agreeing to disagree. [/quote] we can say
"He and I had a fight." "But, we made up by agreeing to disagree."

You can tell I'm "old school" Smile

Again, I hope you didn't take my comment too seriously, I was actually trying to be funny (though that doesn't always come through even with smiley icons )

As you started the sentence

As you started the sentence straight after that with "Also", I was assuming satire.

Hi I am new to odesk can u pls help wht shld i do before i apply

I am new to odesk,can u pls tell me wht all things i should i do before i apply for job....

many thanks

Hi Mohini, Welcome to

Hi Mohini,

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