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Bug : Job Profile API does not return all candidates

Job profile API has following issues:
- It does not return more than 50 candidates
- Also, it does not return latest candidate count

please fix this.

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Sandeep, thank you for your


thank you for your post.

- there is a constrain for a number of returned candidates, and this limit is 50
- there can be a small delay between update of job page and count in api response, this latency is also known. We will pay attention on this.

Thanks Maksym for

Thanks Maksym for reply.

@Candidate List : Its okay if you want to keep the limit to 50 but I suggest there should be some additional field which should tell if that job has been applied by one of agency contractors or not. otherwise it is not possible to filter the jobs. If there is any such API please tell me that.

I am not sure what task you

I am not sure what task you are trying to achieve
So, I suppose yor are looking for one of the APIs pertaining to Hiring (Offers, Engagements?) to identify whether any contractors have applied for a job.

I want to know if any of my

I want to know if any of my agency contractors has applied to specific job or not. Hiring API does not provide this option and only possible way is to know using job profile api but as number of candidates are limited to 50 so when applicants counts go above 50 it becomes impossible to know.
Is it possible for your team to provide a solution to this? It will be very helpful in tracking.

Sandeep, please check the


please check the APIs I recommended in my previous post, take an attention on Offers API and see Offer Object Page that contains some examples.

Hi, I have looked at both


I have looked at both Offers API and Offer Object.

It does not provide any information about the job applications made by my team to other jobs.

It provides informational only related to received job offers.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Sorry, posted in a wrong

Sorry, posted in a wrong category.

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