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Whats this 'Additional Questions' bull??

ain't writing a lovely cover letter enough that we need to answer twenty questions just to apply???

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I'm shocked by this

I'm shocked by this rubbish.

If someone gets back to me, fine, i'll answer questions. But now I should answer 20 questions just to apply when the vast majority of jobs never even get looked at again or even hire anyone?

It's to point now where i'll just do work for ongoing clients, anyone who contacts me or if there's something really special. The rest isn't worth my time anymore.

With the high frequency of nonsense and time-waste jobs posted on here this is not good for the contractor looking for work. Who's idea was this?

Count me out.

What are you guys talking

What are you guys talking about?

I tried applying to a job to

I tried applying to a job to see what you guys meant, but I don't get any additional questions page either. Please elaborate..

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Me neither.....

I can't see what they mean either, it works the same as it did before for me (well, I did not actually go all the way through because I didn't want to apply to anything and aborted before I got to the end.

well its only for certain

well its only for certain jobs only when the client specifically adds in more questions to be answered.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Oh well good! Thank

Oh well good! Thank God...

Maybe less spam now

WRONG. there are just more

WRONG. there are just more places to spam in.
because if you`re a spammer, and you spam, spam, you won`t get enough just by spamming the cover letter, and think to yourself: "oh well.. I`ve spam, spam, spammed enough! It`s time to *redeem* myself and start answering this guy`s questions". No. you`ll just go ahead and spam, spam, spam, those inputs too(get what I mean?).

And seriously, what should I answer to out-of-the-box questions like "Which part of this project do you think will take the most time?" when the project description implies a review for example? I guess "getting of my ass, opening notepad and start working on your thing"(don`t try to use that on your applications, I`ve already copyrighted it) would be a good enough answer, right?

Bottom line, it`s just a useless thing, that`s only meant to waste time off the guys or gals who are decent enough to write a custom cover letter for each job they apply for; as I said, spammers will keep on spamming those inputs regardless.
Or maybe worse - you`re just encouraging decent contractors(who are not doing it yet) to recycle their answers, because we all know it - more than 50% of the job postings out there end up without any interview or hire, and that`s not really worth wasting more of our time to answer(which in most cases are some nonsense) questions that the client can answer himself by looking at the profile.. on top of competing with some guys lame-ass rates.

Please check the following

Please check the following job post and you will find what we are talking about.

This could become the norm in

This could become the norm in across all sectors very quickly. Not a fond thought.

I have seen this

I have seen this two or three time..but when ever i talk about this with some one..he aks me " Where did you see that?? I never did..."

One needs to fill up the

One needs to fill up the 'extra form' in a fixed price job. Whereas when applying for the hourly jobs, it does not appear. My observation might be wrong due to my age.

ETA: It's in a testing phase probably. Yesterday, I found the form appear in a fixed price job but the hourly jobs cover letters were as it is.

It's only on some jobs. Some

It's only on some jobs. Some have more, some have less, most have none. The one I was going to apply for had a stack of questions which seemed not only a little irrelevant but gratuitous for the job at hand.

If each application on here is going to become like an actual job application form then it's just not going to be feasible (for me at least) to apply to these things. Big contracts I can understand but these were fairly small jobs and the last one had reams of questions.

The problem is that a very high majority of jobs posted are simply signifiers of the job and do not contain detailed specs or briefs. The jobs with the '20 questions' I mentioned had next to no information about the project at hand (aside from a brief descriptor) yet I was supposed to supply detailed specs about how I was going to approach it? It all seems up in the air, back to front. I'm all for 'interview questions' if someone gets back to me with an interest, opening up some kind of dialog, but trying to second guess and provide answers with nothing but a scant descriptor is just a waste of every-bodies time.

*Seeing another of these now

*Seeing another of these now it looks like these "additional questions" are from a dropdown list, i.e: canned.

So on a scant job description (which is NOT a brief) you are being asked a host of questions which are in-fact just approximations of what someone else (oDesk) thinks might be good questions to ask about said job. Cookie cutter questions.


"We need a new logo for our company. Typography and simple colours is preferred."

That's it. All the info. No idea of target audience; age range, income level? No mention of the what type of company or brand they are, no idea or where they are located? Are they a physical business or on-line presence only? Do they have an old logo or branding? Will this be used in print materials? Etc... etc...

This is about as far away from a detailed brief as could be imagined. Yet to apply you are being asked questions such as:

'What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?'

'Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project?'


As I said before.. a waste of every-bodies time. The novice contractors who apply suffer because they have to try and second guess and make up 'bull' so as not to leave what they perceive as spaces in the application and be declined.
And more experienced contractors are going to be turned off by what they see as generic and frustrating questioning 'bolted on' in the application process. And if experienced contractors are being turned off then the client is suffering.

Ok - So if you're an experienced contractor who needs to know more before applying, then why not just ask questions and leave the other fields blank?

Is it worth the risk? It already feels like a gamble spending time to apply to these jobs as it is (with so many being damp squibs), let alone leaving the fields blank and risk being declined on sight in a split second because you left these fields blank- regardless of your great portfolio and experience etc..

In theory it sounds like a good idea, but in practice it feels counter-intuitive.

Application Questions

I hate these stupid things. It takes me enough time as it is to draft a decent cover letter and now I have to answer a bunch of generic questions that don't even pertain to the job.

It seems that a lot of jobs are starting to add these questions.

I might be willing to answer one or two but if I see more than this, I just pass on by unless I really want that job and to be honest, I haven't seen a lot of jobs here lately that I really want.


This is rubbish. I am writing a full bid, with questions etc etc - then finding questions underneath. Why would I split my bid up into incoherent chunks of text? It makes no sense, it achieves nothing. If people want to apply and write a load of rubbish they still will. Get rid of it or I will stop applying for any jobs with them on

This is a useless, non-sense and impractical feature.

I wonder why no one from ODesk has answered this yet.

Please ODesk, remove this questions feature now. It does not make any sense. There's no good reason for including it.

These kind of questions are applicable only for applying on 9 to 5 full time jobs.

I remember applying on a job. It's a fixed-rate costing $20 and it involves only changing a few lines of CSS codes. I can finish it in few minutes.

Yet, the application suddenly throw these five HR-ese questions like "What can you suggest to make this project a success?" and "Which required skill you think will take most time?"

I can finish the project itself in less than 1/5 of the time it will take me to answer these questions.

I also noticed that those who ask these kind of questions are new clients who joined just this year. Long-time clients with good feedback usually do not include these questions. The new clients are probably still trying to learn how to use the system, or worse the ODesk has them by default and the new clients simply decided not to uncheck.

Got Something Similar...

Applied to a posting for a comprehensive Operational Plan, Got an invite and was ask to answer several questions first as part of his selection process. I got the the questionnaire and lo and behold, the answers to the questionnaire will result to the Operational Plan he needs. I message him of my observations without answering the questionnaire.

I don't think your case is

I don't think your case is similar Reynaldo.

If my assumption is correct, those questions you got are either part of the job description or in a text/document file sent to you by the client. The questions seem to be very specific for it to be able to form an Operational Plan.

The questions we got here are usually separate fields under the cover letter text area. One text area per question. Not all jobs have them.

They are useless because they are nothing but general HR-ese or managerese questions that can be usually found when being interviewed for full time job, but useless in project-based jobs such as those you can find here in ODesk.


The questions aren't with all jobs. I think it is up to the person who posted the job. The questions vary based on the job, etc, at least from the ones I have seen. I haven't had the questions on every job I have applied for. I don't think it is a bad idea. It can be a good thing if they are used correctly.

I have applied to some such

I have applied to some such jobs. Some questions are meaningless and I don't understand the reason of this long process to write a cover letter and then to answer questions. Or it will be better if only some minimum no. (decided by oDesk)of important questions regarding the job requirements will be asked without the cover letter thing.

I like it

I like every chance I get to build a relationship with the potential client.

These questions are great. Occasionally they don't apply, but often I can add additional information to help the bid.

More like occasionally, they

More like occasionally, they DO apply, but often they are useless and waste of time and do not help the bid.

Thankfully, they appear only occasionally.

*F+++* Now these stupid

Now these stupid questions are Mandatory, not optional!!!
What the %$#@ is going on????

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Don't be afraid to say it.

Don't be afraid to say it. *** They are (as far as I have seen) irrelevant; generic and incredibly stupid. The answer to every single one of them (again, as far as I've seen) is "***stop wasting my time."

I have no problem with awkward and personal questions if it's strictly applicable to the task in question and there is privacy going both ways; but these questions smack of some sort of data-harvesting.

No. Just no.

*[Removed by Admin]

Romulan Ale?

Romulan Ale?

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Very disruptive to human

Very disruptive to human thinking.

Admiral Kirk did warn us about that.

Wrath of Khan, happens to be on now.

FFS get rid of this crap. I

FFS get rid of this crap. I feel like deckin my monitor everytime I see this

Veni, Vidi, Vici.