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oDesk unfair to new members? - tips to succeed

Hi all,

I have done as many tests and finished my profile 100%. I have added items to my portfolio. I joined this site in 2010-2011 and immediately abandoned because of not being able to get a job.

One year later, i return and its even worse. i have improved my cover letters and tailored them to specific jobs, but still no luck.

Im sure am better than most competitors in the same field as me but its become impossible to land a first job. please guys share some tips on how to succeed here. Maybe, its the fact that im in Africa... u never know.

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Hi there, here's some helpful

Hi there, here's some helpful material to read:

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I wouldn't call the site

I wouldn't call the site "unfair," because the site's management team doesn't decide whether you get a job or not, clients do.

That said, I would tend to agree that freelance sites are getting harder for new contractors in general.

The jobs being posted in the public listings are declining in quality. The good jobs are mostly kept private, and the clients contact contractors with tons of hours and good scores. So that does make things more competitive.

That said, imagine you were a client. Would you want to dig through tons of spammy applications from contractors with no qualifications, only to find one or two qualified contractors? My guess is you'd probably prefer to keep your job listings private so you could deal exclusively with qualified contractors.

Belive in your self

Read jobs carefully. Write your proposal to specific job, say that You are the right man for that job, describe how would you do it. Lower your price to 2$-3$ per hour. Respect your clients. Most important believe in your self.

Do NOT - I repeat - do NOT

Do NOT - I repeat - do NOT lower your rate to $2-$3 per hour. I looked at your work and it's decent, you have some nice looking sites under your belt. $2-$3 per hour would be completely destructive to any kind of oDesk 'career' you want to start because you will be branded as a budget worker who does not value his skills and it will be a hard skin to shed. Quite frankly you're worth more than that.

Stick in there, hold tight and try and get some work under your belt for your asking price - the first one will be tough but it will be worth it moving forward. Good luck.

**Word of warning though. The "** Instantly, chat with me now - **" part in your overview could get you in shtook. Contact details aren't allowed on profiles.

Like Louis stated. Don't you

Like Louis stated. Don't you dare lower your price. You have a very good profile.
I would some how direct it more to the client.

But you need to get that contact info out there.

I'll third that.

Lowering your rate is absolutely one of the dumbest suggestions anyone puts out there to newbies. It only puts you in the same league as the bottom feeders and you'll get stuck there. Professionals don't do that, only amateurs.

You have a very nice portfolio and you need to focus on that and your education. Maybe gear yourself more toward what the client needs and how you can provide it in your proposals instead of focusing so much on you -- its hard to tell without reading one of yours to see if that's the issue -- but that should be a general rule of thumb.

I've now compared your

I've compared your portfolio and portfolio of some guy who wants to increase his rate to 30 $ per hour.

Your portfolio, at first sight, is much better.

Listen, why don't you decrease your rate a little (maybe 7 $/h), just for your very first job here?

Later it'll be easy for you to increase rate.

Don't write too much text in job applications.
Stay concise, and sometimes ask a question.

Good luck.

p.s. Remove that "chat with me..." as soon as possible.
You chat with clients after they send you an interview invitation.

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Tips to succeed !!!

you have to post first a project

1 it has to be done correctly with a max of 2 faults.
it has to be in a good quality.
it has to contain a new idea or better to say "a new strategy".
if not just select the best thing that you can do better on it.

now when you apply for jobs the client will sure take a look at your project and ASAP select you for the job

(the reason odesk if being more hard is that confidence on the internet is being broken by scamers so you have to prouve your self on it , so go get it !!!