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financial account

My financial account was suspended last October 20,2012

I read some forums here reasons why a financial account got suspended and
Yes I found out why I got suspended - because I worked with a Client whose payment are not verified. So I tried to ask my client if she got suspended too? and she answered Yes. I knew this issue like this is about client's mistake and maybe for security purposes for the both of us.

But last week I ask my Client again about her financial suspension? And She said: her financial account was just restored and back to normal. I wonder why? Why my client's financial account got restored whereas due to her unverified payment method I got suspended? And I already refunded all the funds I earned from that client too to end the contract.

Now I am just hoping Odesk Team will help me.

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Hi there, you can request for

Hi there, you can request for an update on your ticket regarding this suspension. I am escalating this for you as well. Hope your suspension is lifted soon!

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I wish they restored my financial account before december =(

Hi Ayesha THANKS A LOT for your response, I can only press the update bar, I can't do message because there's no chat-box in my ticket.

YES I hope sooner Odesk will hear me and Odesk risk management team will grant my request & restored my financial account. I don't want my Christmas to be like this.

Thanks a lot Ayesha I know you can help me on this.

Still I don't receive any response from Odesk support team?

I keep updating but I don't receive any response from them =( this is frustrating.

Hi Ayesha, I hope you have an update with my ticket? do you know any of the risk management team please help me with my problem? I beg you.

Hermes I don't have access to

Hermes I don't have access to personal account info. Once you have requested for an update, wait for Support to get back to you. They are working on your issue and you'll hear from them once they have an update.

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Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...


I hope they will help.

same situation

I'm in the same situation as you are. I have been suspended for 1 week now. I don't know why I'm suspended and I haven't done anything wrong. I already filed tickets regarding my suspension and I keep updating them but no one is responding. I hope they'll lift our suspension soon. I don't want to continue working in this kind of situation.

All we have to do now is to wait...

Hi Ian thanks for your response. All we have to do now is to wait because we can't do anything about this.

Don't stop working! I will not stop working do the same as well. I know someone in Odesk Management Team will see our post here and maybe they can restore our account soon and again we can withdraw our hard-worked funds.

I will update my post here If I received message from Odesk.

I am same track as you are

I am same track as you are but it's almost 2 months. They said that someone from higher department will contact me but until now, I don't receive ANY response or even notification before they did this.

I tried to call their hotline phone, send email ticket or live chat but no one can help.



We are hoping

Thanks Ron for sharing, Yes we are the same my financial account suspension is almost 1.5 months already. I am really hoping and wishing they will fix our account sooner before Christmas. I know someone can help us here and might notice our message.
This is the first time I encounter such long span of suspension.

Me too! They didn't response

Me too!

They didn't response at all. Dragging me on my client's contract issue is very unfair. I really need my hard worked money because this is my bread and butter.

Last, because of this issue, I got pending debts and due date bills needed to be filled. I think all my earnings will be on it.

Very disappointed on them. They make my online career miserable.

Just hold on

All we have to do is to wait. I know Odesk are doing their job maybe there are hundreds of issue they are solving right now that's why there are some delays. I understand Odesk Team, I know sooner they will solve our issue too.


Sooner will never last but

Sooner will never last but giving a proper communication,time and date will make us easier. Is it sounds good?

same situation

Same in here..more than 1 month and still waiting for the risk management team

You can expect that nonsense on Odesk

It's the same reason buttons and functionality of the Odesk interface always has glitches and errors usually across different browsers. Nothing has been thought out or properly systematized. Poor design and management. There are thousands of good employers and contractors who got their account suspended for some dumb unknown reason. When you email Odesk you get some dumb, robotic answer. It's just ridiculous and good reason to take your business to one of the other freelance sites. It's like why do they even allow someone without a verified payment set-up that you can hire? Then they suspend your account. There's a lot of poorly thought out methods and poor design on Odesk


Seriously? You have a blank profile and you have the audacity to slam oDesk?

WOW. I've been here 5 years and have only had my account suspended one time and it was really my own fault for missing the fact that I had refunded a client after a disagreement and the payment hadn't cleared.

Sure, it took a few days to resolve it but it was my fault for not paying attention, not oDesks. Stop looking for a nanny.

Are you experiencing same

Are you experiencing same issue? I think NOT because your profile is very clear.

Hope someone from higher department can hear us.

You just have to wait

I know Odesk Team will solve all the issues like ours, I guess we have to fall in line and wait. I hope they will work on your issue soon?

wait wait wait...almost 4

wait wait wait...almost 4 months and counting Sad


Make your own post here? maybe that can help. Then expound why you get suspended or what did you do. Just be good to Odesk.

NO! There is NO point!

Hermes L. wrote:
Make your own post here? maybe that can help. Then expound why you get suspended or what did you do. Just be good to Odesk.

He's been posting about his suspension all over the place - and was told time and time again that there is NOTHING anyone can do EXCEPT the people who deal with the issue at Customer Support.

We can't know whether it was a dispute that went wrong, whether his account was compromised, whether one of his unhappy clients reported him for something, whether he had fallen for a phishing attack or any of the 100 or more reasons that could have caused this.

There is ABSOLUTELY no point posting about it over and over again.

Yes you're right

Yes I agree with you. I have no more to say.
Thanks Petra for giving comments here.

Same here

My finacial account has been suspended.Please help