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LFT PKR delay

Hi is there anybody who has got there lft delayed i have withdrawn funds on 15h nov and still not received my bank is ubl

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It usually does take around week to 10 days. Because of the month of muharram, it might be taking delay. As the amount first comes in Karachi Head Office and then directed to your account in your local city. I would look out for it on Monday or Tuesday, inshallah you should get em

Thanks that is really helpful

Thanks that is really helpful for a new person like me

Not transferred yet

Not transferred yet Sad

How many days been passed ?

When you initiated the transfer ??

I withdrawn it on 15th nov

I withdrawn it on 15th nov

request a trace

if you have not yet received the payment, you can request a trace by contacting the support, as you have waited more than 10 Business Days. I'm also waiting for the payment but its just 3rd business day.


Usually how much time lft take ?? if someone here please share your experience.