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How do i get my withdrawal from Islami Bank Bangladesh

Can anyone tell me how do i get it or Can anyone help me how do i get my payment. Thank you.

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Sazzad, you can opt for nay

Sazzad, you can opt for nay of the available payment methods. There's Local Currency Wire Transfer (LCW) and Payoneer card and USD Wire transfer, then there's PayPal and Skrill. It all depends on how much money you are withdrawing and what are your preferences.

LCW is a good option with very little fees. You can get the funds in a local currency account. Check if your bank is in the list of approved banks for LCW to your country and you can easily add the withdrawal method.

Customer Support can guide you further if you need assistance.

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Use wire transfer withdrawal method

Mr. Sazzad Khan,

To receive money to your IBBL bank account, you should type Bank SWIFT code:IBBLBDDH, Account currency:Taka(BDT), Account number, name and Branch name as per Cheque book issued by bank.You will get payment within few hours.

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Put account number issue

Mr Saiful

My IBBL account no is 5 digit. So can i put on the account number field 5 digit.Please reply for puting about account number on the odesk payment method getway for bangladesh.