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Any one else here with med to large render farms? I have right around 51GHz wih a 6 and an 8 core AMD setup.

I model in Solidworks and texture render animate using Luxology Modo 501. Wondering what is laying around in peoples offices.

My latest personal animation is prob going to take 100 hours to 600 frames at 1920 x 1080. Lots of rendering examples on my Odesk profile as well 140+.

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I read when researching once

I too struggle with only having a few computers to run as a render farm if doing any kind of 3d work.

There is this one guy who managed to use PS3's to create a massive render farm. Rather than buy a bunch of expensive computers he bought a bunch of playstation 3 and got them to work as a render farm. Great cost effective idea IMO. Of course he was also hiring out render farm services to graphic artists and students as well.

AWS anyone?

Just curious - Isn't it a good application for Amazon Web Services?

They do have instances CUDA-ready with nVidia I think