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Job Search API Jobs Numbers low

The number of jobs reported through the job search API is significantly different than what is available on the web site. I am no where near the 5k jobs limit.

The following lists the categories and subcategories. The first number is what I retrieve from the api, the second in parens is what is shown on the web site.

Networking & Information Systems -DBA - Database AdministrationTotal jobs: 17 (25)
Networking & Information Systems -Other - Networking & Information SystemsTotal jobs: 39 (48)
Web Development - Web ProgrammingTotal jobs: 989 (1399)
Web Development - Website QATotal jobs: 12 (18)
Web Development - Other - Web DevelopmentTotal jobs: 162 (217)
Software Development - Desktop ApplicationsTotal jobs: 91 (124)
Software Development - Scripts & UtilitiesTotal jobs: 67 (92)
Software Development - Other - Software DevelopmentTotal jobs: 97 (132)

I am using the oDeskAPI.lib.php library with the following parameters:

$url = '';
$qparms = array("fb"=>4,"st"=>'Open',"tba"=>5,"dp"=>7);
$qparms['c1'] = $categories[$cat_num]->title;
$qparms['c2'] = $categories[$cat_num]->subcats[$sub_num];
$response = $api->get_request($url,$qparms);

The library adds the appropriate api keys etc.

I ran my script and then checked the online totals with the same parameters.

I've been through the documentation and the forums and haven't found any limitation on the apis (i.e. not reporting certain types of jobs etc.)

Any info would help.

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Tom, according to


according to documentation - 'dp - Date_Posted (Date Posted) Search jobs posted after this date. Format for date: 07-22-2009', but dp in your example is incorrect.
Please, fix it and try again.
Btw, it would be great to have full urls - both api and site - in case you still have problem with this after fixing params.

There was a note in the

There was a note in the change log (sorry I don't have a reference) that indicated that the dp parameter had changed to reflect how the UI worked. It indicated that codes were used instead of specific dates. I will try it again with a specific date.


Much better results with the

Much better results with the specific date. This is the reference I based my original parameter on. It is under API Documentation Recent Changes.

due to update of Search Jobs API a parameter "dp" will be changed starting from 01.11.2012 and will work in the same way as on GUI. The new supported values: '0' for 'Last 24 Hours', '1' for 'Last 3 Days', '3' for 'Last 7 Days', '7' for 'Last 14 Days', '14' for 'Last 30 Days'. Please, prepare your applications for future update.

I guess that got undone.

Thanks for your help!

Tom, you are right, "dp"


you are right, "dp" supports date as value as per documentation.
Sorry for confusing!