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Getting the list of tasks with python-odesk

I'm using the 0.5.alpha.1 version of python-odesk.

I want to get the list of my tasks for given teamroom using client.task.get_user_tasks, but there's an obstacle.

The mentioned above method requires 3 arguments: company_id, team_id, user_id. I can get the last two using API calls, but can't find API method for getting company_id.

I can guess it for some of mine teamrooms and get the list of tasks, but I really want to be able to get company_id in results of calls to or

Now I see only company__name, company__reference and company_name, company_recno in returned results.

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Sergey, have you tried


have you tried Organization APIs?

Yes, I have. If I call

Yes, I have. If I call,

I get all my teams with partial information about companies. The latter includes company__reference and company_name, but misses company id, required for{company}/teams/{team}/users/{username}/tasks/full_list.json

This API returns

This API returns "parent_team__id" that is equal to what you are looking for.

Thank you, Maksym. That's

Thank you, Maksym. That's what I was looking for.