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Window 8 Issues

Is anyone experiencing problems running in the ie10 browser on windows 8

I am unable to open any messages & notifications using win8 & ie, I am in the process of downloading firefox to see if it does the same but was just curious if anyone else has experienced this problem

I can get to the centers(ex: message center)but that's as far as it let's me go, can't open any messages - it shows me 'the finger' as if it is a working link, but clicking through doesn't work.

Also if I go to my settings in the User Setting-Contact Info neither edit link works.

Other areas seem to work, like looking for work and clicking on the links for jobs/projects they open up fine and button links inside the user setting area seem to work.

I have not experienced this problem on other websites using the ie10 & win8 platform, just thought it odd it is happening only on

any ideas are appreciated,

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Same problem

I also have the same problem, I have to turn the document mode to ie8 for the website to work properly, please oDesk team, this really needs an urgent fix.


Compatibility mode should fix your problem. (Up by your address bar there should be a thing that looks like a ripped piece of paper) Hit that, should help. I wish the government would ban IE, I swear its nothing but trouble. It is 90% of my cross browser hacks, it doesnt support half of what Chrome and Firefox does for HTML5, heck you have to write 50-100 line javascript hacks just to get it to do what it is supposed to half the time.

Even though compatibility mode works, Get yourself firefox, chrome or safari. You will not be sorry. Firefox if you are a developer, chrome or safari otherwise.

Yeah, very true, IE is of no

Yeah, very true, IE is of no use, at least for me. I was using it for sometime until I switched over to Chrome. IE makes life hell.

After a decade of building

After a decade of building sites; then having to build another one specifically for IE6, I think developers have just stopped bothering with IE. "Conform to standards or sling your hook" is the current consensus, I believe.

Darren, off-topic really, i

Darren, off-topic really, i sent you a message a couple of days ago and it appears the email address i sent to is no longer in use. need to ask you something, mind writing back? thanks!

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou
Try harder, or care less.

Darren, off-topic 2

Darren, is it bad to end an inactive contract? Would that annoy you to the point of wanting to give bad feedback, even though you were happy with the contractor's work?

I would really like to know you're opinion, please.

Thanks Smile

Mail sent and I dunno,

Mail sent and I dunno, respectively.

I don't think that I'd mind a contractor ending a contract to the point where it would effect what feedback I gave. It might be a little unexpected though, and were I the contract-ender I'd try and be polite and email an explanation a couple of days before hitting the button.
But then again, it depends upon why the contract is inactive...I have one myself, purely because a client wants an intertubes eggspurt on tap and doesn't want to bother looking me up if the need arises. So it's a bookmark of sorts.
I could see it really annoying control freaks though, especially if there wasn't an explanation.


It was on hold, he's working on details of a new project and said he wanted me to run it, but since it was taking long I asked him to end it and re-hire me whenever the project was ready for me to start, he did not respond, so a few weeks after I ended it (I did send him an email telling him and that I will be available etc). Finally, I got a nice email from him 3 days after ending the contract, said he will update the profile here asap and that we should catch up soon ( I still have access to everything he gave me). Why can't he take 1 minute of his time? Sad

I bet he will not bother to come to oDesk just to give me feedback, I checked his history and the only feedback he ever gave is bad, looks like he only bothers if he's not happy. Anyway, at least I don't have to worry.


Just noticed this topic is old.