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Notifications don't work at all!

Client hired me and I didn't know I'm hired.

I'm constantly checking my e-mail and oDesk.
I didn't see red notification mark at all!

And what with clients? Do they receive my messages at all?
I sent two messages to other client a week ago.
Maybe he didn't received notification.
Maybe because of that I've got a bad feedback!

oDesk team, please, fix those notifications!

Sorry for bad English.

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The messages are messing

The messages are messing up... I sent a message to a client confirming something she said yesterday. The message was sent, I saw it. I checked today to see if she responded, and yet for some reason my message to her was gone... I rewrote my lengthy message to her, starting by saying I thought I sent her a message the other day but I guess oDesk ate it, and I sent that message. After watching that message be sent, my message from yesterday reappeared right before the new message I just sent her... So I look like a fool.

This is a mess!

this has actually been an on

this has actually been an on going problem since last year.

I have two notifications for

I have two notifications for the same thing (and it won't turn off easily) but when there is something important like hiring I don't receive anything!!!!!!!


You are making me insane!

<3 Skrillex

Bugs, bugs, errors,

Bugs, bugs, errors, errors.

Why apostrophe in messages looks like symbols?
Fix that!

You have made a new skin design for oDesk, still haven't fix old important bugs.

Notifications are still bad, as usual.

<3 Skrillex

You put here a new skin but

You put here a new skin but you did not fixed notifications!

<3 Skrillex