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Require contractor approval before starting contract

I would like to suggest that oDesk require contractor approval before allowing a contract to be started.

Terms and specifications may change during the discussion after a contractor makes a proposal for a project. If a client suddenly decides to start the contract without giving the contractor time to alter the original proposal, the contractor is then bound to the original terms with little to no recourse.

The client may also not have furnished full details about the project initially. A contractor would then have to ask for more information. If the client then starts the contract without giving any further information, or if the information provided is subsequently evaluated to be beyond the contractor's scope of ability, the contractor is now stuck with a contract they can neither fulfill nor have expressly agreed to.

There are probably many other scenarios where this unilateral contract-starting approach can be abused, but those are two off the top of my head.

Therefore, please consider adding a 'contractor approval' stage before the contract is actually started!

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try harder

how is this related to expecting odesk to conduct the freelancer's business? I find this feature useful because in order to start a discussion you need to apply, and then nothing prevents the client from just starting a contract in the middle of the discussion. ..but then again, maybe I am one of these who expect odesk to conduct their business for them.

well, if they start it, you

well, if they start it, you can end it.

yes, I can end it. now odesk

yes, I can end it. now odesk recently has made changes to this feature which allow the client to enter their evaluation for the freelancer when the contract ends, even if it was cancelled. this is undesirable because no work has been done.

What? Since when? And to who

What? Since when? And to who does it show up?

All I know is that when I

All I know is that when I ended my contract it asked me to give a feedback for the client, from this I deduce that the client also can give a feedback to me.

No, even ending a contract

No, even ending a contract when no monies has changed hands, it pops that up.
You could have skipped it.


I am honestly confused by how this is asking oDesk to conduct my business? I find it unnerving when I apply to a job or respond to an invitation with questions and am hired without answers. Sure, I can end the contract, but why force a contractor to do so when it is very logical that the contractor be allowed to approve the hiring before being bound to a contract they may still be on the fence about.

I agree with the need for this simple addition. I have been hired before without my approval when I was very on board with the task but still unsure of the exact nature of the subject matter. It did, indeed, turn out to be material that I was not willing to work with (carefully disguised) as I had pointedly asked about upon previewing the text. Talk about a waste of time (not much, thankfully, because I held firm and pushed until I got a clear answer about what the client was trying to push here). I did not appreciate being hired for something I was not on board with and then having to end the contract.

Rarely is there enough information presented in the original job post to let a contractor feel confident about being, yet hiring can take place the moment the contractor replies. It certainly does not go down this way in real world applications, so what is wrong with asking to have it fixed on oDesk to better reflect the true control and freedom that freelancers enjoy?

Good suggestion.

I would rather refuse an offer than having to end it, I mean why should I have to end something I did not approve in the first place. Same goes for pay raise, it automatically starts a new contract without the approval of the contractor.


Actually, formal acceptance of a hire by the contractor after having accepted an interview and completing an interview should be part of the contractual process especially for larger, more complex jobs. I agree with the suggestion.