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Dear freelancer of Bangladesh... We have to face too much problem to withdraw money without paypal. I think its not so easy to earn money by outsourcing. We work hard but when we want to get money we have to pay some extra charges and face many problems. We need to ask our gov to implement Paypal immediately in Bangladesh. Only gov can do it faster.

We are around 150000 Freelancer in Bangladesh. We need unity and if we want to our gov hope they will do it.....

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Our govt. lol

Our govt. don't understand these stuffs. They only know how to loot our money and buy properties in foreign country. Look at all faces of our politicians and our govt. employees. They are the most illiterate and unqualified people.


Payza is the solution to all problems.

Paypal Wont Come To BD

Dont expect the company to operate in BD anytime soon. Online transactions have just been approved in BD this year, in addition the fincaial system is directly tied with who is in political power at the time. In addition, you are well aware that Bangladesh does not allow money to be transferred outside of the country by anyone other than large companies for purchase of goods. Most money transfer sites are not able to deal with such unstable conditions due to regulating bodies in their own countries. Paypal is a US entity that is well regulated. oDesk now offers direct wire transfers to your local bank account, as well as payoneer, skrill and a few other legitimate companies that offer money transfer options in Bangladesh.

The latest countdown was this september!

The FM had several countdowns for the PayPal story with the latest of this september and they are not going to make it this time also. I don't think this is the govt. part rather than the PayPAL itself.