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Does the oDesk Team Application work on a Chromebook?

I am considering a Chromebook... but can I install/use the oDesk Team Application on here?

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If I understand it correctly

The Chromebooks run a different Operating System called the Chrome OS - The oDesk Team Application is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The Chrome OS is kind of "based" on a Linux kernel but not the same as Linux. You might want to take out a support ticket and ask. I suspect the answer may be "No" because Chrome OS, whilst "Linux based" - may not behave in exacly the same way as proper Linux.

Personally my deep distrust for Google and what Google uses my information for would prevent me from ever using a Google Operating System. It's bad enough they use what they already can and do use, without me letting them run my entire computer.

But that is a pure personal opinion and not really relevant to your dilemma.

I just did a bit of digging:

This is interesting and may help:

Yeah you got it right Petra

Much like an android phone (also operating system made by google) It uses the linux kernal and a dumbed down versioin of linux to allow for more speed. (I know more speed out of linux gosh race car anyone). The apps that can be used on the Chrome Book or Chrome OS are the same apps you can get from the chrome store when you use chrome browser. The book is very light weight and done that way to be cheap. It is meant to use cloud storage for holding your files. It is basically just a web browser with a case.
The Chrome book is designed for students and coffee shop web browsers. While you can do some work from it like emailing, or writing wordpress blogs (anything you can do within a web browser) it is not a good work tool for a professional.
If you are just starting out and looking for a cheap mobile resource for working, I would suggest something like a Toshiba laptop, you can get them as low as around 250$ US. Sometimes you can find Acer cheaper, but Toshiba has a better reliability and support.

Petra, I hope you do not use anything by microsoft, including skype. At least google gives it to you free up front then sells your information off the back end. Microsoft uses many of the same practices google does, but makes you pay for it up front on top of that.