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Dual Monitor Setup

Good Day!

Hello Odesk, I just want to ask if the application/tracker will capture 2 or 3 monitors?
I currently have a dual monitor setup & what i want is to only capture Monitor 1 & not 2 permanently for example. Is there an option for this? I am planning on extending my monitor setup to 3 Monitors & I currently have many tasks to be done.

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The other monitor well be used privately, as you can see I have my own online shoppe as well as a job here on odesk, my employees respected my privacy also & I have my own computer repair shop so I will be adding 1 more monitor to used for my computer repairs. My employees have requested to capture also my Camera. I am a multitasker & I am sure that you are also, we are contractors here looking for sideline income so you know what I mean, in order to survive the economic crisis & live to the fullest.


So basically you wish to do

So basically you wish to do exactly what Junelle stated. The simplest solution (and the only HONEST one) is to stop the team application while you are doing other tasks. There is no justifiable reason for the client to pay for time you spend working on other projects.

You have a point there...

You have a point there that's why I was asking if it could be done in that way or not.
If "NO" then it's ok, If "YES" then how? I was just elaborating the the actual situation.

Kindly Close This thread since I have found the answer.
Thanks For Reps!

Frankly, when logging time to a client there should not BE a

.... A second monitor. Let alone a third.

You can do that sort if thing when you work on fixed priced projects, as any time and attention diverted from one task to another is essentially your decision. But you would not need a second and third monitor to deceive anyone then, would you?

But when you work for a client on an hourly contract then what you call "multitasking" is nothing less than fraud. You are trying to deceive your paying clients by not having the team app record what is on your second monitor or your third, in an attempt to make the client pay for you doing your own thing.....

Pretty despicable, really. Dishonest as hell.

To be honest....

To be honest with you, I have lost everything I have when Typhoon Sendong Struck Us here in Mindanao, as you see, I have lost my family, my wife gone missing, and all the things that I've work so hard is all gone. While working on my employer at a Call Center through Odesk at that night, I was not even aware, not even a single call that I've received nor a message that I must receive. None even told us in our Call Center that our families were in danger yet when we all got out from our work due to power outages, we were so shocked that we found out that our places were wiped out by floods can't even talk nor think normally because of the tragedy to our families & relatives. If only I haven't worked that night I could have saved them, at least one. It hurts me when recalling this incident specially this month of occurrence & I don't want to use it on an advantage on anything else that might come into my favor, but I couldn't do anything more than to look for them & luckily my only 1-year old son was alive along with my elder sister who where staying at my grandmother's house. They are my strength & my only hope that I could rebuild what I've lost from that day. That's why I am using all my available resources & multitasking. Slowly I've regained the materialistic things in this world but not my lost family. Dishonest & cheating is not in my vocabulary at all. If only you could feel what I've experience then you should know why I am doing this "multitasking", So far I have done my work with my employers with no concerns & we trust each other, even though I haven't told them that I have lost everything that day instead I told them that I will be away for months since reconstruction of electricity posts & Internet connection are on going, that's why I have decided to stay here at my grandmother's home and work through Odesk & not on far away office & I'm glad that Odesk is part of my successes & hope's in my life. I hope you understand & I'm sorry if I made you think of "Dishonesty".

Please Close This post as it seems Not Valuable. Thanks & Merry Christmas to all! Godbless.


Hi Marc,

This is, indeed, a sad experience that you share, and I expect few people can truly understand or hear it without having some sympathy and concern.

However, our present circumstances do not dictate honesty and dishonesty. Having the team app running, charging your client for your time, and "multitasking" on unrelated projects on other screens is dishonest. Your client has bought your time and your focus. If you cannot offer that time and focus you should leave the team app off until you can.

You are not the only one who has seen this differently, considering their circumstance, but it is dishonest regardless and I am certain that you face trouble if you attempt it. Remember that it is making honest choices despite circumstances that shows great character. I hope you understand and decide to work honestly. Merry Christmas and God bless to you also.

Well said, Robin

Agree 100%

I am also really sorry about what has happened to you. My thoughts are with you.

However, defrauding clients is not the way to go.

Remember that it is making honest choices despite circumstances that shows great character.

I like that!

It's ok...

Well, it's ok for me. Thanks for your thought's & advices Kathryn B., Petra R., Junelle A., & Robin C., I'm glad to have a conversation you veteran Odesker's like you guys.
Merry Christmas to you also!