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Leave me alone already!

How do I stop a former (fired) contractor from constantly spamming me with invites to some stupid SkillPages site?

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I am not familiar with most

I am not familiar with most of the features here, especially any that are included in client accounts. However, I think the obvious first move would be to forward all spam and harassment to Support immediately. Harassment is a serious issue and if the contractor is a former (and obviously VERY disgruntled) contractor whom you fired, then the issue will need to be seen by oDesk Support. If nothing else, this will net the contractor a warning, possibly an account suspension if you can prove pattern of behavior.

Kindly contact Customer

Kindly contact Customer Support to report the contractor.

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I was hoping there was a way

I was hoping there was a way to block unwanted emails without having to make an official complaint and put their account at risk. Oh well.

Have you actually TOLD the contractor to stop?

This may be an obvious suggestion, but have you asked him/her to stop, and then TOLD him/her to stop?

If you haven't: That's the first step.
If you have and they are still doing it then frankly an official complaint is absolutely fair.