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So weird, multiple contractors I hired have had medical emergencies in their families

I have had like 4 contractors saying to me they either had to end the contract or needed to delay to project because of a medical emergency or death in their family.

Either I'm cursed or they're being dishonest.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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Gut reaction: "Is he going for very low bidders?"

Either you are exceptionally unlucky, or your contractors are, or you are maybe not the easiest client to work with, or you are paying rock bottom prices to low cost contractors, or your recruiting skills are not particularly good, or... or ...

I don't know which of those, if any, or maybe several (as they are not mutually exclusive and actually tend to go hand in hand) actually apply.

However, if this KEEPS happening to you chances are that there is a flaw in your business model somewhere.

Anyone can happen upon a not-so-ideal contractor once in a while. However, a significant proportion of your contractors legging it would indicate a problem.

Edted to add: You've been here less than a month. For "multiple" contractors to be deserting you within a few weeks with weird excuses would strongly indicate that the flaw is indeed to be found somewhere in the way you are choosing / paying / working with your contractors.

Everything Petra said.

Everything Petra said.

Quite honestly, four contractors is not that outlandish to find with similar reasons. Bad luck could honestly play a part here. Remember, it's flu season. If these contractors have families, medical emergencies could very well relate to their children and flu is not only rampant in schools at this time, but often dangerous for small children depending on the flu strain.

I'm sure some dishonesty is involved, so a check over your pay rates (as well as whether those contractors just may have found a better paying contract) may shed a LOT of light on the incident.

Whether honest or not, I do hope your luck improves. I am simply a contractor for this very reason. I cannot imagine the frustration that must be involved in dealing with our odd natures.