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How long...

Do you usually wait for your client to respond before you get anxious and send another message? (Whether you're hired or still in the interview phase.)

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I don't. I just move on.

I don't. I just move on. Plenty of mutant fish in the mucus vomit toxic waste puddle that is oDesk.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

What if it's an interview for

What if it's an interview for a really good and high-paying job and you're the only one being interviewed, though? Wouldn't you be afraid that the employer has choked on that toxic vomit and needs to be checked on?

Some clients just totally

Some clients just totally forget. Maybe they meet some dum blonde or get a heart attack or both. Who knows.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Rebecca it all depends. Like

Rebecca it all depends. Like if it is something urgent (you need to double check an instruction or ask for a file or something crucial without which you can't work) then send another mail after 24-48 hours. Other than that, if it's the interview phase, the client probably has a LOT of applicants to to go through, so let them take their time and get back to you when they are ready. For payments, I'd give them a week before sending out a polite reminder. And count out weekends from this estimate. Plus the holidays are almost here, so naturally everyone is busy on that front as well.

Hope this helps...

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Keep forgetting it's the holiday season

Thanks for the tips Ayesha! It's like the mid-phase between the interview and the hiring; I'm already the "chosen one". I'm just waiting on the first chapter and the official "You're hired" message so that I can get the ball rolling. You're totally right though, I'm just glad I have finals to semi-distract me from the wait, haha.

Time limits on posted jobs

I have a question along this same line: How long does a client get to leave the job posted before either removing it or hiring someone? When I search for open jobs, some come up that are over 2 weeks old - I'm not going to waste my time writing a letter, etc. for a dead-end posting. Does oDesk enforce any time limits? If not, why not?

Patricia if there's no

Patricia if there's no activity on a job post, it expires in a month. Applying to old jobs is subjective. If there is activity on the post ("Last Viewed" by the client date would give you a good idea) you can still try your luck. If it is a dead one, you might want to move on to the next one.

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Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

Old jobs

If a job is over a day or two old, then I don't usually apply. I figure if its a good job by two days the client is probably swamped with applicants so I'll just get lost in the bunch.

Of course, I try to have a look at the new jobs everyday if I have time so most jobs that I spot aren't that old.